Expand Classroom Walls through International Course Collaborations

With globalization impacting almost every field, internationalization of the curriculum has become a goal shared by many colleges and universities. Many institutions look to study abroad programs to increase students’ awareness of and sensitivity to international issues and their understanding of different cultures and points of view. However, only a small percentage of students participate in study abroad programs, and many groups are underrepresented.

Tips from the Pros: Curt Bonk Talks about Open Education

Interview by John Orlando Curt Bonk is one of the foremost authorities on open resources in higher education. A professor of education at Indiana University, he is known for his many hundreds of talks, books, articles, and videos on open education. For a good introduction to open education, find his 27 short video primers at TravelinEdMan on YouTube. He also has written the free e-book Adding Some TEC-VARIETY, which includes more than 100 technology integration activities you can use in your courses, available at http://tec-variety.com.

Improve Your Teaching with a Teaching Toolbox

Years of teaching and coaching online faculty have taught me that the move from face-to-face to online teaching brings both benefits and dangers. One benefit is that the course’s center of gravity shifts from the lecture to discussion. Whereas much of a faculty member’s time in a face-to-face classroom is devoted to preparing and delivering lectures, that time is now front-loaded into course creation, and the day-to-day work is redistributed to engaging students in discussion and on assignments.

Applying Neurology to Online Videos

One common mistake I see among online content developers is to build videos that simply roll through content from start to finish. This is a “covering content” vision of teaching that expects students to grasp anything that is pitched to them. The model likens the human mind to a database that can download whatever information it is given without error.

Facilitating Real-time, Online Group Projects

While many things can be taught asynchronously, some things seem to require a live element. Negotiation is one of those things, as body language, tone, and reaction to the other person all play a critical role in determining the outcome of a negotiation. That means that my fellow instructors and I needed to find a way of integrating a live negotiation simulation, but at a distance, into our online negotiation course.