Teaching Online With Errol: A Mini-Guide to Detecting and Thwarting Plagiarism

Plagiarism—whether it’s material copied directly from another source or essays custom created for a fee—has always been the 800-pound gorilla in the academic Temple of Honesty and Ethics. And in a society where pressure persists (and grows) to receive excellent grades in school, to find good employment, and to produce at a high level on the job, plagiarism is not going away anytime soon. While in an ideal world of academia we would need to focus only on students’ content, structure, and mechanics in an essay, that ideal world today can be found only in cartoons, dreams, and Little House on the Prairie. The 21st-century teacher—and especially the online instructor—must be on constant vigil to detect plagiarism. The more you know how to find plagiarism the more effective you can be at defeating it.

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