Online Teaching Fundamentals: Designing Good Online Learning Activities—What Media Should I Use?

In the last two months I discussed how instructors should analyze the DOs, the real-life activities that people DO when engaged with your course topics in the real world. When you base your content and activities on these DOs, the engagement and meaning of your content automatically rises. This is a good way to make your content more motivating to learners, which improves their willingness to engage with the content, with you, and with other learners. In the last two months, I demonstrated analyzing DOs for two specific course topics. The first was for a computer applications course and the second was for an introductory statistics course. In the first article, I analyzed the DOs. Last month, I added the activities that go along with the DOs for each topic. This month, Iíll complete the sequence by adding media to go along with each activity.

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