Lycoming College Revamps Orientation Program

Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, recently revisited its orientation program. To discover how the college went about revamping its old program and putting a new one in place, R&R editor Georgia Beaverson interviewed Andrew Kilpatrick, associate dean of student success and academic services, dean of first-year students and director of Lycoming College Prep.

At-Risk vs. Impact Paradigm

When it comes to boosting retention and completion, many colleges engage in predictive analysis to determine which students are “at risk” of failure—then focus most support resources on trying to turn these students’ fortunes around.

Internal Perspective on Data Analysis

A large part of higher education is adopting and following the new trend—having the latest quality enhancement plan, new academic pathway programs, the integral first-year experience program, or living-learning communities. Regardless of what the program is, almost all initiatives boil down to one fundamental question: “How can this positively influence student success?”

You Think You Know, but You Don’t Know

In my 18 years working in admissions and enrollment management, there are a few phrases that have become guiding principles for me. These are the gems that come back to either help you or haunt you when you are trying to make a decision or analyzing what just went wrong. One of these phrases is, “You think you know, but you don’t know.” Let me offer a few examples.


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