Enrichment for Mid-Career Faculty

Enrichment for Mid-Career Faculty

You’ve spent a few years in the classroom. You’re confident in your pedagogy, comfortable with your classroom presence, diligent in maintaining your subject-matter expertise.

So what’s next?

For those who are passionate about teaching, the answer is clear: Get even better. Become even more impactful. Find even more new ways to inspire, enlighten, and transform students.

If you’re thirsting for new ideas to take your teaching performance to new heights, you’ll plenty in the Magna Online Course, Enrichment for Mid-Career Faculty.

This content-rich, 15-hour program explores the myriad ways a committed educator can pursue classroom excellence. It examines:

  • Course design that promotes development of higher-order skills like critical thinking
  • Assessments that drive improvement throughout a semester
  • Tactics to overcome apathy and engage students in today’s learning environment
  • Mentoring approaches that connect with students
  • Techniques to maintain personal connections in large classes
  • Cutting-edge feedback and grading strategies
  • Universal Design for Learning and ways to implement it
  • Brain-based learning techniques that motivate students
  • Integration strategies for Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Methods to help manage and lessen job-related stress

Exciting, ready-to-implement ideas abound in every section of this multi-module program. Take it at your own pace: You can pick up and leave off wherever you like, from virtually any device. Regular learning checks affirm your command of the content as the course progresses, and a final check leads to a certificate of completion. You’ll also find a wealth of thoughtfully created supplemental materials to reinforce the course content: handouts, full transcripts, readings, and links to online resources.

Learning Goals:

By the end of the course, participants will have the knowledge to:

  • Apply new strategies that drive learning and development of higher-order skills
  • Create tools to inspire student engagement and enthusiasm for learning
  • Implement high-impact practices for assessments, grading, and feedback
  • Maintain one-on-one relationships and effective mentoring in large classes
  • Manage the stresses of a demanding profession

It’s the middle of your career – time to reflect on your accomplishments, but no time to rest on your laurels! Keep getting better; keep inspiring students in bold, new ways. Put Enrichment for Mid-Career Faculty to work for you today!

Who Will Benefit From This Course:

  • Faculty and Instructors who have been teaching for five years or more


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