Evaluating Online Teaching

Evaluating Online Teaching

Accountability is as important in an online classroom as it is in a traditional one. We want to know instructors are performing well and that students are being served.

But evaluation presents some challenges. Things like student engagement, classroom “presence,” learning outcomes … these and many other measures of faculty success require different assessment tools and criteria than evaluating face-to-face teaching.

Evaluating Online Teaching is a five-part Magna Online Course that can help you develop a workable framework for conducting evaluations.

Let by Thomas J. Tobin, PhD, Conference Program Chair, University of Wisconsin-Madison, this insight-filled program will guide you in:

  • Choosing the observation methods and evaluation tools appropriate to online teaching
  • Determining how much observation to do, and when and where to do it
  • Making informed judgments about formative and summative learning performance
  • Gathering different types of student feedback
  • Identifying and measuring behaviors unique to online teaching
  • Making promotion and employment decisions

You’ll get the help you need to maintain a vibrant, respected online teaching community dedicated to continuous improvement and upholding the integrity of your online curriculum.

The course is designed for convenient learning. Participants can start and stop at any point and access the content from virtually any device. A final check on learning leads to a certificate of completion. Supplemental materials support the course content, and include handouts, full transcripts, readings, and links to online resources.

Giving your online faculty meaningful evaluations serves your institution’s need to protect standards; it serves your students’ need for the best possible instruction; and it serves your online faculty’s need for accurate assessment and full recognition of their good work. Evaluating Online Teaching can help you accomplish all those goals. Order it today!


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