Experienced Faculty Enrichment Course

Experienced Faculty Enrichment Course


Second Session Just Added!

Due to popular demand, we have added a second session for the Experienced Faculty Enrichment Course.

“Burnout” is a term often used when referring to students who are experiencing academic fatigue. But it applies just as much to faculty who have been in the trenches for a while and can relate to the old adage of “same old, same old.”

Innovative professional development resources can keep faculty feeling fresh, excited, and challenged in their teaching.

Magna’s six-week Experienced Faculty Enrichment Online Course is complete, curated programming that’s specifically designed to re-energize mid-career teachers!

Through this excellent professional development course, participants receive six weeks of Magna’s best digital programming along with unit assessments and an online discussion board where faculty can interact with peers enrolled in the same course.

Each week from September 17 to October 29, faculty will gain much-needed professional development content from a diverse selection of speakers in the following units:

  • Course Design
  • Classroom Climate
  • Active and Engaged Students
  • Higher Order Thinking
  • Assessment, Grading, and Feedback
  • Continuous Improvement

This course provides an easy, inexpensive path to summer enrichment that will help revitalize mid-career teachers.

Best Option: The course is licensed per individual seat. To get the best pricing, you can purchase 5+ seats at $99 per seat. For 1-4 seats, the price is $199 per seat.


  • At the start of the course, participants have access to all of the course content; however, it is recommended to follow the weekly pacing of the individual units
  • Upon completion of each online presentation, participants will take an assessment to gauge progress
  • For each week’s unit, participants can use the discussion forum to interact with other participants nationwide and discuss the course content
  • At the end of the course, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion


  • Video presentations
  • Assessment following each program
  • Transcripts of all video programs
  • Presentation slides
  • Online discussion forum
  • Certificate of Completion after all units are completed


The Experienced Faculty Enrichment Online Course is segmented into six individual units that will help experienced, mid-career faculty refresh and rejuvenate their classroom teaching.

Click here to view the learning goals.

Courses are presented on a weekly basis in the following order:

Week One: Course Design (4.75 Hours)

  • Teaching Critical Thinking to Students: How to Design Courses That Include Applicable Learning Experiences, Outcomes, and Assessments (presented by Linda B. Nilson, PhD)
  • Universal Design for Learning: How to Improve Satisfaction and Retention for Students at All Learning Levels (presented by Thomas Tobin, PhD)
  • Collaborative Learning Approaches that Support Neurodiverse Students (presented by Flower Darby, MA)
  • Creative Course Design: Yes You Can! (presented by Anthony Sweat, PhD)
  • How Can I Implement UDL in the Next 20 Minutes? (presented by Thomas Tobin, PhD)
  • How Can I Migrate from Traditional Resources to OER in My Courses? (presented by Erik Christensen, PhD)

Week Two: Classroom Climate (3.5 Hours)

  • Student Entitlement: Truth, Fiction, or Some of Both (presented by Maryellen Weimer, PhD)
  • Connecting with Students in Large-Section Classes (presented by Anthony Sweat, PhD)
  • How Can I Avoid Communication Misfires with Students? (presented by Jennifer Waldeck, PhD)
  • How Can I Promote Enrollment and Retention in Challenging Courses that Motivate Instead of Frustrate? (presented by Lolita Paff, PhD)
  • How Do I Include Introverts in Class Discussions? (presented by Nicki Monahan, MEd)
  • How Do I Discuss Academic Integrity During the First Class? (presented by Gary Pavela, JD)

Week Three: Active and Engaged Students (2.75 Hours)

  • The Flipped Classroom: Strategies to Overcome Student Resistance and Increase Student Engagement (presented by Barbi Honeycutt, PhD)
  • How Can I Reduce Student Apathy and Increase Motivation? (presented by Kenneth Alford, PhD)
  • How Do I Get Students to Come to Class Prepared? (presented by J. Robert Gillette, PhD)
  • How Can I Effectively Mentor Students? (presented by Kenneth Alford, PhD)
  • How Can I Engage Generation C? (presented by James May, EdD)
  • What Kinds of Questions Encourage Student Interaction? (presented by Maryellen Weimer, PhD)

Week Four: Higher Order Thinking (3.75 Hours)

  • How Can I Engage the Emotions of My Students to Maximize Learning? (presented by Flower Darby, MA)
  • Identifying Underprepared Students (presented by Kenneth Alford, PhD and Tyler Griffin, PhD)
  • Helping Underprepared Students (presented by Kenneth Alford, PhD and Tyler Griffin, PhD)
  • How Can I Teach Critical Reflection in STEM Courses? (presented by Barbara Jacoby, PhD)
  • How Can I Manage the Disconnect Between Faculty and Student Perceptions of Rigor to Increase Learning? (presented by Lolita Paff, PhD)
  • Building a Tougher Student: Applying the Research on Intellectual Development (presented by Michael Bridges, PhD and Marie Norman, PhD)

Week Five: Assessment, Grading, and Feedback (2.75 Hours)

  • Incorporating 360-Degree Assessment into Your Classroom (presented by Oliver Dreon, PhD)
  • What Ethical Issues Lurk in My Grading Policy? (presented by Maryellen Weimer, PhD)
  • How Can I Minimize Cheating in the Classroom? (presented by James M. Lang, PhD)
  • How Do I Give Feedback that Improves Student Writing? (presented by Maryellen Weimer, PhD)
  • What Key Factors Influence Test Performance? (presented by Kristin L. Roush, PhD)
  • Are Group Exams a Viable Testing Option? (presented by Maryellen Weimer, PhD)

Week Six: Continuous Improvement (2.00 Hours)

  • How Can I Move My Teaching Forward at Midcareer? (presented by Maryellen Weimer, PhD)
  • How Will OER Benefit the 21st Century Student? (presented by Erik Christensen, PhD)
  • How Can I Write Better Letters of Recommendation? (presented by Kenneth Alford, PhD)
  • How Can I Gain Valuable Insight from Course Evaluations? (presented by Maryellen Weimer, PhD)
  • What Can I Do to Manage and Reduce Academic Job Stress? (presented by Stephanie Delaney, JD)
  • What Behavioral Changes Can I Make to Inspire Enthusiasm in My Classroom? (presented by Flower Darby, MA)


Experienced teachers may have learned on the job and found an approach or style that works with most students. But in higher ed, pedagogical best practices are always changing—so must the way teachers teach. This course is designed to tackle some of the more difficult teaching challenges in a concentrated way and breathe new life into mid-career teachers’ classrooms. Purchase today!


# of people Cost
1-4 $199 per seat
5-19 $99 per seat
20+ $89 per seat

Customers are allowed to register at any time to take the course. Access to the course & related materials expires on November 5, 2018

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