Having a Conversation About a Challenged Grade

Having a Conversation About a Challenged Grade

Turn an Awkward Moment into a Teaching Moment


Conversations about grades are difficult—particularly if you’re a newer faculty member and you haven’t experienced many of them.

But it is possible to make such conversations constructive—even instructive. A new on-demand program, delivered in an innovative format, will show you how.

Having a Conversation About a Challenged Grade is a collaborative-learning course. It illustrates common student grievances about their grades, and provides effective strategies to turn discussions about them in a positive direction.


You’ll learn how to help students understand your expectations and the differentiators that determine grades; you’ll also learn how to demonstrate the objective criteria behind your decisions.

In addition, Having a Conversation About a Challenged Grade provides valuable tips on:

  • Avoiding defensiveness
  • Determining whether it’s ever appropriate to change a grade or provide a “redo” assignment
  • Responding when students promise to go to your dean (or ratemyprofessor.com!)


You will learn:

  • Why it’s important to have such a discussion at all
  • When face-to-face meetings are most appropriate (vs. email)
  • How to immediately set the proper tone


You will work through specific scenarios—e.g., a student protesting that he worked hard and did not get the grade expected, or that her classmates got better grades for similar work, or that you are simply being subjective.


The course is specifically designed to be broadly applicable for:

  • Adjunct, assistant, associate, and full professors
  • Department chairs and administrators who train or mentor faculty
  • Educators in both traditional and online classrooms
  • Educators in diverse disciplines
  • Faculty developers


Make your discussions about grades more comfortable and more productive. Purchase Having a Conversation About a Challenged Grade today!

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