Helping Underprepared Students

Helping Underprepared Students

Help Students Succeed in Your Classes


It’s no secret that more and more students are arriving at college less and less prepared to succeed. High schools create some bad habits: Students get accustomed to making excuses for lateness, focusing narrowly on scores and grades, and relying too much on instructor hand-holding, none of which is going to take them very far when they arrive in your classroom.

So … what can you do about it?

Plenty, as it turns out. Get the Magna Online Course, Helping Underprepared Students, and learn what you can do to make these students more college-ready.


Brigham Young professors Tyler Griffin and Ken Alford lead this insightful, five-part online seminar. In it, they share proven strategies not only for getting students to perform to your expectations, but also for fine-tuning your pedagogy to improve their chances for success.


In a content-rich presentation enhanced with learning activities, you’ll learn how to:

  • Give students a greater sense of ownership and responsibility for coursework
  • Construct expectations and consequences that will improve students’ adherence to deadlines and quality standards
  • Move students along a gradual, confidence-building path to success


In the process, you’ll get a wealth of tips and techniques you can implement right away in your classroom. Professors Griffin and Alford will share:

  • Creative uses of choice—in both assignments and assessments—that increase student buy-in
  • Gentle (and not-so-gentle) ways encourage respect for deadlines
  • A four-part process that establishes a “safer” environment in which to learn and take risks
  • Ways to demonstrate to students what good work and bad work look like


As more and more students arrive on campus underprepared, your pedagogical skills are increasingly put to the test. Hone those skills with Helping Underprepared Students. It will boost your students’ chances for success, and create a more satisfying classroom environment for them and you.

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