Identifying Underprepared Students

Identifying Underprepared Students

Now You Can Diagnose—And Address – Underprepared Students


Your new students arrive fresh out of high school with high hopes, eagerness—and often quite a bit of baggage.

That baggage takes the form of bad habits picked up or refined in high school—habits that make these students woefully underprepared for the rigors of college academics.

Identifying Underprepared Students provides important insights into the problem of underpreparedness and gives you proven, easy-to-implement strategies to address it.


This five-unit presentation is led by professors Tyler Griffin and Ken Alford. In a fast-paced video-based format enhanced by interactive group discussion activities, you will examine the learning habits and mind-sets students often acquire during high school that undermine their college performance—everything from habitually making excuses to overly relying on teacher hand-holding in place of personal initiative. Each unit consists of a short five-to-seven-minute video and a discussion worksheet.


Next, the presenters reveal how to quickly identify which students are underprepared, and apply proven strategies to get them more college-ready. You’ll discover how to:

  • Create meaningful learning goals, adapted from a proven model
  • Communicate success strategies to your students, not just on the first day of class but every day
  • Get students invested in learning, and keep them invested throughout the semester
  • Regularly reinforce the relevance of what you’re teaching and connect it to goals
  • Discipline yourself to focus your teaching on what you really want students to learn


It’s essential information to help you meet a growing challenge. At the conclusion of Identifying Underprepared Students, you’ll have the tools to:

  • Assess and improve your students’ preparedness
  • Achieve better outcomes
  • Create a more satisfying classroom experience not only for your students, but also for you


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Unburden your students of the bad habits they acquired in high school, and give them a better chance for college success. Add Identifying Underprepared Students to your professional-development library today!

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