Legal Compliance in Higher Education

Legal Compliance in Higher Education

One leading university recently estimated it spends $1,100 annually on regulatory and legal compliance, per student.

Per student.

Higher education is awash in regulations and paying a steep price to comply. But since the costs of noncompliance are even higher (and because laws and regulations do serve important purposes), it’s incumbent on us to be diligent in our compliance efforts.

That’s a big job – because laws and regulations impact everyone on campus, from the classroom level to the institutional level. Everyone needs to be aware and informed of their role.

Legal Compliance in Higher Education provides a survey of the legal landscape that will benefit any faculty member, staff member, and administrator.

This content-rich, 12-hour Magna Online Course covers the laws and regulations most impacting an institution’s day-to-day operation, including:

  • Title IX
  • Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Clery Act
  • VAWA
  • Copyright law
  • Universal Design for Learning

Beyond explaining the letter of each law, Legal Compliance in Higher Education provides important insights on practical issues like managing the burden of compliance, handling requests for accommodation, providing support for survivors of assault, creating a culture of inclusivity, and fostering a safe and respectful campus community.

The course is delivered in modular form, and is designed for asynchronous or synchronous learning. Individual participants can complete it at their preferred pace, while learning communities can take the course together as part of planned professional-development initiatives.

A wealth of supplemental materials support the course, and include handouts, readings, full transcripts, and links to online resources. Regular learning checks occur throughout the course, and a final check leads to a certificate of completion.

Learning Goals

Successful completion of Legal Compliance in Higher Education will enable participants to:

  • Articulate the scope of the Americans With Disabilities Act and the accommodations it requires
  • Define the purpose of Title IX and the compliance roles of faculty, staff, administrators, and students
  • Explain the purpose, reporting requirements, and potential penalties of the Clery Act and VAWA
  • Understand and adhere to copyright laws
  • Apply Universal Design for Learning guidelines to courses

Compliance is costly – but noncompliance is more so. Learn how laws and regulations apply on your campus – and how to help ensure they’re followed. Order Legal Compliance in Higher Education today!

Who Will Benefit From This Course:

  • Faculty
  • Instructors
  • Staff
  • Department chairs
  • Deans
  • Academic administrators
  • Provosts


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