New Academic Leaders: Strategies for Success

New Academic Leaders: Strategies for Success

A new academic leadership position—whether it’s a deanship or a department chair or a provost appointment—brings with it exciting opportunities to move an institution’s mission forward and make a real impact on campus life.

Not surprisingly, it also comes with a certain number of headaches that are simply part and parcel of a leadership role.

New Academic Leaders: Strategies for Success is a Magna Online Course designed to help new leaders capitalize on their opportunities as change agents, and manage the challenges that arise in any position involving oversight of faculty.

Over the course of approximately seven hours of instruction, the course ranges both broad and deep across the administrative landscape, addressing critical issues including:

  • Promoting civility and professionalism
  • Identifying historical trends and their impact on current and future administration
  • Crafting feedback appropriate for faculty at all levels, from adjunct to tenured
  • Facilitating change through training, removing obstacles, and aligning systems
  • Creating and carrying out effective mentoring relationships
  • Designing engaging, cost-contained, and impactful faculty-development opportunities
  • Leading, managing, and evaluating online faculty
  • Developing strategies to institutionalize Open Educational Resources (OER)

It’s a detailed, in-depth exploration that will help any new leader make better, more informed decisions on everything from day-to-day concerns to broader strategic issues.

Delivered in module form, the course is designed for convenient learning. It can be taken at any pace, and accessed from virtually any device. Learning checks occur regularly throughout, and a wealth of supplemental materials accompany the presentation: handouts, readings, links to online resources, and full transcripts.

Learning Goals:

At the conclusion of New Academic Leaders: Strategies for Success, participants will have gained the knowledge and insight to:

  • Establish and maintain mentoring relationships with faculty
  • Create an environment of civility, collaboration, and respect
  • Spearhead high-impact faculty-development
  • Manage OER and other forward-looking academic initiatives
  • Guide their academic unit successfully through change

New Academic Leaders: Strategies for Success provides a roadmap for impactful leadership based on sound strategic thinking, careful planning, and committed relationship-building. Any new leader will want to have it in their professional-development library. Order today!

Who Will Benefit From This Course:

  • Department chairs
  • Deans
  • Academic administrators
  • Provosts


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