New Faculty Development Course

New Faculty Development Course


Second Session Just Added!

Due to popular demand, we have added a second session for the New Faculty Development Course.

New faculty enter the classroom as experts in their field, but not necessarily experts in teaching. New faculty members need quality training that introduces or enhances their understanding of some key pedagogical principles and concepts.

Magna’s five-week New Faculty Development Course is specifically designed to serve new faculty’s professional development needs!

Through this excellent professional development course, participants receive five weeks of Magna’s best digital programming, along with unit assessments and an online discussion board where faculty can interact with peers enrolled in the same course.

Each week from September 17 to October 22, new faculty will gain much-needed professional development content from a diverse line-up of speakers in the following units:

  • Course Design
  • Classroom Climate
  • Active and Engaged Students
  • Higher Order Thinking
  • Assessment, Grading, and Feedback

This course provides an easy, inexpensive path to summer enrichment. Help new teachers grow and flourish by purchasing today!

Best Option: The course is licensed per individual seat. To get the best pricing, you can purchase 5+ seats at $99 per seat. For 1-4 seats, the price is $199 per seat.


  • At the start of the course, participants have access to all of the course content; however, it is recommended to follow the weekly pacing of the individual units
  • Upon completion of each online presentation, participants will take an assessment to gauge progress
  • For each week’s unit, participants can use the discussion forum to interact with other participants nationwide and discuss the course content
  • At the end of the course, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion


  • Video presentations
  • Assessment following each program
  • Transcripts of all video programs
  • Presentation slides
  • Online discussion forum
  • Certificate of Completion after all units are completed


The New Faculty Development Course is segmented into five units related to new faculty professional development.

Click here to view the learning goals.

Courses are presented on a weekly basis in the following order:

Week One: Course Design (3.5 Hours)

  • Learning Assessment Techniques: How to Integrate New Activities that Gauge What and How Well Students Learn (presented by Elizabeth Barkley, PhD)
  • How Do I Align Learning Objectives with Technology Using Backward Design? (presented by Flower Darby, MA)
  • The Technology-Free Approach to Flipping the Classroom (presented by Barbi Honeycutt, PhD)
  • How Can I Bring Pop to My Classroom with Pop Culture? (presented by Katherine Jones, MLS)
  • How Can I Design Critical Thinking into My Course? (presented by Linda B. Nilson, PhD)
  • How Can the Three C's of Course Design Enhance Students' Online Performance? (presented by Jill Purdy, EdD)

Week Two: Classroom Climate (4 Hours)

  • Four Common Teaching Traps and How to Avoid Them (presented by Marie Norman, PhD)
  • Simple Strategies to Create an Inclusive Classroom for Gender Variant Students (presented by Sherry Zane, PhD)
  • How to Create a Transformative Learning Experience for Students by Managing Hot Moments and Difficult Discussions in the Classroom (presented by Tasha Souza, PhD)
  • How Can I Effectively Teach Unprepared Students? (presented by Kenneth Alford, PhD)
  • How Can I Inspire Creative Confidence in the Classroom? (presented by James May, EdD)
  • How Do I Create a Climate for Learning in My Classroom? (presented by Maryellen Weimer, PhD)

Week Three: Active and Engaged Students (4 Hours)

  • Improve Participation in College Classrooms: How to Create a Discussion Strategy that Will Increase Student Learning and Engagement (presented by Jay R. Howard, PhD)
  • How Can I Effectively Use Class Preparation Assignments? (presented by J. Robert Gillette, PhD)
  • Strategies for Making Lectures More Active, Engaging, and Meaningful (presented by Meixun Zheng, PhD)
  • How Can I Communicate to Engage Students and Encourage Learning? (presented by Jennifer Waldeck, PhD)
  • Wake Them Up! Engaging Students in the 21st Century Classroom (presented by Julie Smith, MS)
  • What Brain-Based Techniques Can I Use to Engage Students During Class? (presented by Sarah Lovern, PhD)

Week Four: Higher Order Thinking (4 Hours)

  • Aligning Student and Faculty Perceptions of Rigor (presented by Lolita Paff, PhD)
  • Creating Critical Thinkers in the Information Age (presented by Katherine Jones, MLS)
  • Building a Tougher Student: Applying the Research on Intellectual Development (presented by Michael Bridges, PhD and Marie Norman, PhD)
  • How Can I Encourage Students to Connect with Course Content After Class? (presented by Sarah Lovern, PhD)
  • What Activities and Assignments Promote Critical Thinking? (presented by Linda B. Nilson, PhD)
  • How Do I Design Effective Combinations of Gamified Elements to Encourage Deeper Learning? (presented by Kristin Ziska Strange, MA)

Week Five: Assessment, Grading, and Feedback (2.75 Hours)

  • What Key Concepts Improve Student Learning and Memory? (presented by Kristin L. Roush, PhD)
  • What Is the Best Way to Grade Participation? (presented by Maryellen Weimer, PhD)
  • How Can Grading Policy Options Influence Student Learning? (presented by Maryellen Weimer, PhD)
  • An Integrated Approach to Student Exams (presented by Maryellen Weimer, PhD)
  • How Can I Assess Critical Thinking with Objective Items? (presented by Linda B. Nilson, PhD)
  • How Can I Assess Critical Thinking with Student-Created Work? (presented by Linda B. Nilson, PhD)


New teachers have little or no classroom experience beyond TA positions and remembering what it felt like to be a student. The New Faculty Development Course covers vital topics that will help new faculty achieve lasting classroom success. Purchase today!


# of people Cost
1-4 $199 per seat
5-19 $99 per seat
20+ $89 per seat


Customers are allowed to register at any time to take the course. Access to the course & related materials expires on November 5, 2018

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