Providing Effective and Efficient Feedback in the Online Classroom

Providing Effective and Efficient Feedback in the Online Classroom

Overwhelmed by the feedback demands of your online courses?

Learn how to take control …


As rewarding as online teaching can be, it also holds some nasty surprises. One of them is the tremendous amount of time required to provide feedback, whether formal or informal. Fully supporting students with meaningful, well-considered feedback can become simply overwhelming.

If you’re facing that reality, you won’t want to miss the special hour-long, on-demand Magna Online Course.

During the course of the presentation, you’ll discover a set of time-management techniques that can help you get the upper hand on your workload, see how to adapt proven “offline” feedback strategies to the online classroom, and get a detailed look at one feedback tool that can completely change the “time spent/quality delivered” equation in your favor.

The hour you’ll spend with this course is one you’ll gain back many times over as you approach your feedback responsibilities in a more economical, impactful way.


By the program’s end, you’ll have the knowledge to:

  • Create a daily and weekly plan to achieve your learning goals
  • Manage your time to address course priorities
  • Streamline administrative and other course responsibilities
  • Adapt offline feedback strategies to online use
  • Create flexible, reusable banks of high-quality feedback

Presented by Jean Mandernach, Ph.D., director of the Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching at Grand Canyon University, the program features content drawn from Dr. Mandernach’s popular series of 20-Minute Mentors on the subject. It will help you provide meaningful, high-quality feedback without imposing unmanageable demands on your time.

Learning Goals

Providing Effective and Efficient Feedback in the Online Classroom provides you with a wealth of insight into three critical facets of the feedback process: managing your time, employing impactful techniques, and leveraging the feedback you create to the greatest extent possible.

Delivered in three parts, the program is filled with ideas you can apply immediately in your courses. Part 1 presents time-management principles to help you regain control of your workdays (and nights). You’ll learn:

  • Why a lesson plan is the critical first step
  • How to prioritize your activities to advance that plan
  • How to create workable daily and weekly schedules
  • How to structure and time-limit your activities
  • How to use collaboration and delegation to ease your workload

In Part 2, you’ll discover how to adapt four proven “offline” feedback methods to suit your online courses:

  • “Feed forward” guidance that preempts the need for more time-intensive corrective feedback
  • “One-to-many” feedback in which individuals draw value from feedback to the group
  • Software-driven peer-to-peer feedback
  • Clutter-breaking (and time-saving) multimedia feedback

Lastly, in Part 3, you’ll learn about “feedback banks”—important tools for helping you maintain feedback quality with a manageable time commitment. The program covers how to build feedback banks and:

  • What to put in them
  • How to maintain their quality
  • How to leverage them across multiple courses and even disciplines
  • How to use software to create them more easily
  • How to file and sort them for fast retrieval

Topics Covered


Delivered in convenient self-paced modules on a responsive online course platform, this course guides you through the steps of providing feedback for your online students.

Unit 1: How Can I Set Time Management Priorities in Online Teaching?

  • Explore strategies to manage your online teaching time.
  • Learn to streamline instructional tasks and prioritize your teaching time.
  • Dedicate teaching time to instructional activities with the greatest impact.

Unit 2: How Can I Enhance the Impact of Feedback in Online Classes?

  • Ensuring students are using feedback in a meaningful way.
  • Examine strategies that allow you to maximize the impact of feedback.

Unit 3: How Can I Use Technology to Create Custom Automated Feedback?

  • Identify strategies to automate repetitive feedback tasks.
  • Use custom feedback banks to provide consistent, high-quality feedback.

Providing Effective and Efficient Feedback in the Online Classroom will help you maintain your standards for thoughtful, impactful feedback; provide your students with the guidance they need to learn and succeed; and protect you from an unsustainable workload.


Whether you’re a newcomer to online teaching or looking to upgrade your existing skill set, Providing Effective and Efficient Feedback in the Online Classroomwill be energizing and inspiring for:

  • Faculty teaching online courses and blended courses
  • Faculty resource coordinators
  • Chief academic officers
  • Centers for teaching and learning

Course Materials

Each unit includes supplemental course materials and information on further resources that will continue to enhance faculty understanding of online teaching.

This course contains:

  • Video tutorials
  • Interactive content
  • Checks on learning
  • Final check on learning and certificate of completion
  • Links to online resources
  • Complete handouts, supplemental materials, and transcripts

This course is built on a responsive mobile eLearning platform, viewable on all computers as well as the latest smart phones and tablets.

Time Requirement
This self-paced course may take anywhere from six to fourteen hours to complete, depending on how comfortable you are with online tools and how much time you intend to spend on each course unit.

This course may be taken on any desktop computer system as well as mobile devices with the latest internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc). The course features easy to use navigation on desktop and mobile devices.


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40-59 $109
60-79 $89
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100-149 $69
150-199 $59
200 $49

The course enrollment will expire one year after activation.


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