Take Note: Strategies to Develop Student Note-Taking Skills

Take Note: Strategies to Develop Student Note-Taking Skills

Why should a student bother taking notes?

Thereís the obvious answer: Notes are an essential part of preparation for exams and term papers.

Thereís the pedagogical answer: Note-taking improves process-oriented skills like listening Ė important to success in any endeavor.

Thereís also the practical answer: Students will discover that note-taking has benefits to last a lifetime. (Woe unto the person who leaves a business planning session without good notes, or a consultation with a surgeon, or a parent-teacher conference!)

Note-taking is an important skill by any standard. Whatís more, itís one that can be taught Ė and Take Note: Strategies to Develop Student Note-Taking Skills will show you how.

Presented by Maryellen Weimer, PhD, longtime editor of The Teaching Professor, this Magna Online Course takes a deep dive into the strategies you can use to make students better note-takers. Complete it, and youíll have the knowledge and tools to make a real impact on class preparation, exam performance, and student satisfaction!

With an emphasis on research-based, classroom-tested best practices, the course shares valuable insights on:

  • Why you must resist the urge to provide notes to students
  • How to convince skeptical students of the value of note-taking
  • How simple exercises can help you correct poor note-taking habits
  • How properly crafted exams can help drive better note-taking
  • How to improve note-taking in lectures and classroom discussions
  • How to improve studentsí note-taking in assigned readings

Take Note: Strategies to Develop Student Note-Taking Skills can be completed at any pace and accessed from virtually any device. Itís convenient professional development thatís equally valuable for individual learners and institutional learning communities.

The course comes with a variety of supplemental materials to support the content, including full transcripts, links to online resources, suggested readings, and handouts. Youíll also find a final check on learning that leads to a certificate of completion.

Learning Goals

At the conclusion of the course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Motivate students to improve their note-taking
  • Create classroom exercises that hone note-taking skills
  • Mentor students in best practices for capturing notes in readings and lectures

Teach a core skill that students will value throughout college and beyond: Order Take Note: Strategies to Develop Student Note-Taking today.


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