Teaching Online: Essential Elements for Faculty

Teaching Online: Essential Elements for Faculty

Develop and Maintain an Online Classroom Presence


The world of higher education has seen a massive shift over the past few years towards the realm of online education.

Adults are returning to school online, high school graduates are pursuing tech degrees, and major institutions are beginning to offer courses based outside of the established classroom. As a modern educator in todayís rapidly evolving technological world, it is imperative to stay current with the possibilities of online education.

If creating and implementing online curriculum seems daunting, learning a few basic skills will make developing an online course easier than it seems.

With the goal of supporting educators through the dynamic and fast-growing online teaching medium, Magna Publications offers a comprehensive online course titled Teaching Online: Essential Elements for Faculty.

Developed by Dr. John Orlando, long-time online teacher and program director, this online course answers faculty questions while providing insight on how to become an exceptional online educator.


This course covers all the elements of teaching online so that any instructor can feel comfortable moving from the brick-and-mortar classroom to the virtual classroom without a misstep.

You will learn to:

  • Redesign course content specifically for the Web, which is a visual medium
  • Add interactivity whenever possible
  • Incorporate discussion into learning activities
  • Provide a more comprehensive syllabus than you would in a face-to-face class
  • Provide more time for course development than you think you will need

While the ideas and content you teach donít change when you move to an online classroom, the way you teach definitely does. Fortunately, you can prepare for those differences before the next term begins, and you can do it on your own timeline.

Teaching Online: Essential Elements for Faculty is a thorough yet efficient course that presents the tools, tactics, and strategies you need to teach online confidently and successfully regardless of your discipline, your institution, or your experience level.

Learning Goals

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Design an online course with at least the same pedagogical rigor and outcomes as a face-to-face course
  • Design online assessments using the most respected assessment guides, including the Understanding by Design framework and the Quality Matters online learning guidelines
  • Create online learning material, including text, voice, voice-over PowerPoint presentations, and social networking content
  • Explain the strengths and weaknesses of online education and articulate how it differs from face-to-face learning
  • Evaluate an academic or course subject to determine how to reformulate content to teach that subject in an online learning environment
  • Teach an online course using the latest teaching technologies, such as learning management systems, wikis, shared document development tools, and online research tools
  • Critique an online course to determine whether the content, assessment, and teaching philosophy reach the highest standards of higher education

Topics Covered


Delivered in convenient self-paced modules on a responsive online course platform, Teaching Online guides you through the steps of creating and implementing an online class.

Unit 1: Teaching in an Online Environment

  • The fundamental difference between face-to-face and online classroom dynamics
  • How to make the most of online discussion
  • How to foster community and class engagement
  • What contemporary studies have shown about online education
  • Common mistakes to avoid when teaching online

Unit 2: Developing an Online Course

  • The Backward Design model of course development
  • Effective teaching content for the online environment
  • Re-conceptualizing existing courses to move them online
  • Overall structure and outline of an online course
  • Quality standards to uphold in your online course

Unit 3: New Tools of Online Education

  • Easy ways to develop videos for online classes
  • Voice-Over PowerPoint online
  • Using Rapid E-learning Development Software
  • Voicethread and other interactive tools to incorporate sound into your course


This course is ideal for:

  • Faculty being asked to teach online, or considering online teaching.
  • Online Administrators looking for guidance in the best principles to implement for their online programs.
  • Department Chairs, Deans, Provosts and other leaders who want to understand how online education fits into the educational mission of their institution.

Course Materials

This course is built on a responsive mobile eLearning platform, viewable on all computers as well as the latest smart phones and tablets.

Each unit includes supplemental course materials and information on further resources that will continue to enhance faculty understanding of online teaching.

  • Video tutorials
  • Interactive Content
  • Checks on Learning
  • Final Check on Learning and certificate of completion
  • Links to online resources
  • Complete Handouts, Supplemental Materials and Transcripts

Time Requirement
This self-paced course may take anywhere from six to fourteen hours to complete, depending on how comfortable you are with online tools and how much time you intend to spend on each course unit.

This course may be taken on any desktop computer system as well as mobile devices with the latest internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc). The course features easy to use navigation on desktop and mobile devices.


# of people Cost per person
1 $299
2-10 $269
11-20 $239
21-50 $209
51-100 $179
101-500 $149
501-3000 $99

The course enrollment will expire one year after activation.


Order today. Whether you have minimal online experience or are interested in improving current institutional practices, Teaching Online: Essential Elements for Faculty provides the necessary fundamental concepts in a convenient web-enhanced step-by-step guide, with 24 hour access from anywhere in the world.

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