10 Skills to Increase Your Community's Diversity Competence

10 Skills to Increase Your Community's Diversity Competence

Diversity on Campus

When it comes to diversity, even the most well-intentioned people can make the biggest mistakes.

You’ve probably heard them. The casual statements like:

"Oh, that’s so gay."

“Some of my best friends are …(enter any ethnicity, LGBT, gay, lesbian, etc. here).”

“Where are you REALLY from?”

The most effective way to eliminate these types of diversity miscues is not to just correct the person who made the statement. It’s to enhance your community’s overall diversity competency.

Learning Goals

The seminar also includes six thought-provoking and helpful articles on improving diversity competence in your community.

By learning and implementing these skills, your staff and students will:

  • Engage in conversations that may have previously been avoided
  • Learn strategies for responding when conversations become challenging and uncomfortable
  • Gain knowledge of common communication traps, including how to avoid them and tools to use in their place

Topics Covered

Improved Competency Starts with Skills
Through these 10 skills, this program describes the methods that help foster a positive environment for communication. Some of these skills include:

Breathe, Acknowledge, Respond (B.A.R.) – Often our instinct is to immediately react when we hear offensive comments. By using Breathe, Acknowledge, and Respond (B.A.R.), you can learn how to take the time to gather yourself and respond in a level-headed, constructive manner.

Pile On Principle (P.O.P.) – People who react to offensive language are often accused of being over-sensitive. Their reactions are actually the result of the Pile On Principle. You’ll learn why it occurs most often to people who have heard offensive comments for years.

Intent vs. Impact – Even if you have good intentions, an offensive comment still has a negative impact. You’ll discover why having “good intentions” isn’t an excuse, and how you can move away from that mindset to more constructive behavior.


Who will benefit from this seminar:

  • Anyone affiliated with a college, university or community college
  • All Student Affairs Staff
  • Diversity/Multicultural Officers
  • Student Leaders
  • Front-line Staff


This seminar introduces you to the 10 core concepts that will ultimately increase diversity skills and competency.

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