10 Ways to Engage Your Students on the First Day of Class

10 Ways to Engage Your Students on the First Day of Class

Create A First-Class Learning Environment

If you want to create a first-class learning environment start with the first class.

From the very first day–from the moment students walk in the door–set the tone for the entire semester.

Establish expectations, clarify responsibilities, energize and engage your students, and create a strong framework for success.

Learn how in this 75 minute seminar program as the presenter shares practical, proven tips for starting your classes off right.

Topics Covered

You will learn details on:

  • Setting up your classroom
  • Creating a first-day agenda
  • Welcoming students and performing introductions
  • Reviewing the syllabus
  • Using visuals effectively
  • Conducting interest inventories
  • Delivering a “mini-lecture”—how and why
  • Establishing expectations on attendance, grading and more
  • Giving first assignments
  • Addressing plagiarism and cheating issues
  • Establishing communication channels, including new media

We'll also provide steps you can take before the start of the semester to get off to a strong start.


Who benefits from this seminar:

  • New professors
  • Experienced professors
  • Adjunct faculty
  • Teaching assistants
  • Instructors
  • Deans of teaching centers

There’s no better time than Day One to set the tone for your classroom.


Learn practical, proven strategies for success in this idea-filled seminar.

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