A Framework for Managing Compliance and Accreditation Cycles

A Framework for Managing Compliance and Accreditation Cycles

Managing ongoing accreditation and compliance demands

Just as higher education is going through major changes, so are accreditation and compliance procedures.

While campus-wide evaluations of programs and institutional practices once took place every five to seven years, to increase the impact of these processes accrediting bodies are now moving toward a more continuous review process.

If you work in higher education administration, the shift to more frequent site visits and reporting might have you wondering how you can possibly keep up with these ongoing demands of the accreditation process.

The key is working with a proven and practical system—and that’s just what you’ll learn in A Framework for Managing Compliance and Accreditation Cycles, a Magna Online Seminar with Dr. Sean Spear.

As the individual responsible for maintaining Western Governors University’s compliance, accreditation, and licensure with 50 states and four territories plus four national and regional accreditation bodies, Spear is deeply familiar with the nation’s crazy-quilt pattern of oversight and evaluation.

Based on his extensive experience, Spear has developed a framework to help faculty and administrators manage college and university compliance with the new, ongoing patterns of review.

He shares his real-world–tested approach—as well as tips and strategies to help you through the self-study process—during this online presentation.


This presentation gives you the guidelines you need to construct your own institution’s response to the demands of national, state, and regional accreditation bodies.

From the design of your self-study projects to assembling a site visit support team, learn techniques designed to set you and your college or university up for success.

Learning goals

After participating in this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Construct a preparation framework to help you get ready for both the compliance and accreditation processes
  • Explain how to prepare the evidence needed to demonstrate compliance with standards
  • Inventory the logistics you need in order to manage the compliance and accreditation processes
  • Analyze different methods of working with compliance and accreditation evaluators

Topics Covered

While there are variations in state, national, and regional compliance and accreditation standards, they all support the larger goals of providing oversight, maintaining accountability, ensuring quality, and supporting innovation in higher education.

A Framework for Managing Compliance and Accreditation Cycles shows you how to structure your efforts to maximize the benefits and minimize the burnout of compliance, accreditation, and self-study processes.

You’ll learn:

  • The best times to monitor national and regional accreditation and state compliance standards
  • Key constituencies involved with accreditation and compliance
  • Institutional resources to help you prepare for compliance or accreditation review
  • Practices to secure faculty and staff support for self-study procedures
  • Frameworks to guide you through successful site visits, self-study, and compliance and accreditation reports
  • Tips and strategies for successful national, regional, and state compliance and accreditation projects


Any higher education institution managing the transition to ongoing compliance and accreditation projects can benefit from this presentation.

This includes community colleges, four-year institutions, and public and private universities.

A Framework for Managing Compliance and Accreditation Cycles is primarily designed for those college and university administrators and faculty who are embarking on their first cycles of accreditation and compliance review or who have a foundational level of familiarity with the subject matter.


You know how essential it is for your institution to pass its accreditation and state compliance reviews with flying colors.

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