A Guide to Video Communication for Online Instructors

A Guide to Video Communication for Online Instructors

Creating and Delivering Online Content

If you’re an online educator, creating online video content is no longer an option. It’s a virtual requirement in today’s online environment, where students expect your curriculum to keep pace with new technologies.

Unfortunately, even if faculty would love to make their students happy, most educators don’t understand how to create online video, and budget shortfalls are limiting training opportunities.

Focused on your curriculum, you’ve had little time to adapt to the new online environment. You’re challenged with meeting these rising student expectations.

This 60-minute seminar gives you a comprehensive view of how to generate online video content: from inception to viewing.


We'll provide the solution as we cover video creation from inception to viewing, discovering simple ways to effectively create and deliver online video content.

Why is Online Video so Important for Educators?

As online education enrollment continues to rise, so do student expectations. The methods by which students learn have adapted to new technologies, and educators must keep pace with the new modes of content creation and delivery.

Learning Goals

You will learn how to:

  • Identify content appropriate for video creation
  • Modify and adapt content for video delivery
  • Understand the types of video options that are available, including screen captures, narrated text and the “teaching head”
  • Utilize basic editing tools to enhance your video
  • Compress, upload and embed your video

You’ll find that anyone with a small amount of tech savvy and a strong desire to communicate and adapt to the new online learning environment can create exceptional video content.


Any college or university with an online learning program should consider having these key staff members:

  • Online instructors (adjunct, professor, teaching assistant)
  • Training coordinators
  • Curriculum specialists and developers
  • Anyone involved in evaluating online instructors (supervisors)


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