Apps & Web 2.0: Legal Issues in Using the Internet in Class

Apps & Web 2.0: Legal Issues in Using the Internet in Class

Legal Advice For Online Teaching

The growing use of social/shared media and online apps in the classroom is generally seen as a good thing. It encourages collaboration, free exchange of ideas, and, in many cases, a richer learning experience.

But thereís a flip side to shared online learning experiences, and it manifests itself in concerns about privacy, safety and civility.

These are manageable concerns. But if your institution is not managing them, you leave your students vulnerable, and your institution itself liable.

Learn about critical legal and other issues in this Magna Online Seminar. We explain the risks posed to students in the online space, the best practices you can use to manage them, and the potential liability if you donít.

Topics Covered

This fact-filled, 60-minute seminar covers:

  • The training faculty should receive on potential problems with Web 2.0 and apps
  • Policies necessary to protect student anonymity online
  • How to recognize signs of cyber bullying and stalking
  • What you should know about the unique concerns of students who have been victims of domestic violence
  • How to protect your institution from liability
  • How to stay within FERPA parameters
  • How to help faculty and students draw lines between personal and professional life


Who will benefit from this seminar:

  • Distance education administrators
  • Academic administrators
  • Provosts
  • Deans
  • Faculty leads
  • Librarians


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