Are You Offering Quality Online Education? How Do You Know?

Are You Offering Quality Online Education? How Do You Know?

The Seven Measures of Online Program Quality

Many online degree programs claim to offer the highest-quality experience for students. But how do they actually demonstrate that—to themselves, to prospective students, and to accreditors?

While there are several online course development rubrics that support quality materials, there is more to a quality online program than the courses.

The structure of the entire program is as important as the structure of the individual course. And there are clear standards for assessing how well an online program is supporting both faculty and students.

Are You Offering Quality Online Education? How Do You Know?, a 60-minute online seminar, focuses on research into the seven key measurable aspects of quality in online education, as outlined in a research study by the Institute for Higher Education Policy in 2000, re-affirmed and updated in 2010 by a panel of 43 seasoned online education administrators.


You will be able to carry back to your program and institution a way of clearly explaining and illustrating quality assurance efforts to accreditors and other stakeholders.

Gain clarity on a practical, step-by-step method of conducting meaningful program assessment. In addition to teaching you how to assess existing programs, Are You Offering Quality Online Education? How Do You Know? can point the way for you to:

  • Develop strategic objectives for program improvement
  • Benchmark against other programs of like size and type
  • Plan and create new high-quality online education programs

As your program gets better at assessing its own quality, you will find it easier to develop a culture of continuous improvement, and to develop new high-quality programs.

Topics Covered

The seven measurable aspects of an online program are:

  1. Institutional and technical support
  2. Course development
  3. Teaching and learning
  4. Course structure
  5. Student support
  6. Faculty support
  7. Evaluation and assessment

Hear a concise description of the seven aspects and how they
can be measured and demonstrated. Learn how to:

  • Evaluate online program quality based on best practices derived from the research
  • Approach each of the major areas that need evaluation and what types of artifacts should be collected
  • Demonstrate program improvement to regional accreditors

Learning Goals

Ever since the very first distance education course was offered, institutions have deliberated how to measure the quality of online programs.

In the current educational climate, knowing how to effectively assess and clearly demonstrate quality is more important than ever.

In Are You Offering Quality Online Education? How Do You Know?, you will learn how to:

  • Implement a program evaluation
  • Measure and demonstrate the seven aspects of online program quality
  • Apply best practices derived from the research on assessing quality
  • Collect the specific types of artifacts needed to assess quality
  • Demonstrate program improvement to accreditors
  • Bring about a culture of continuous improvement

By watching this online seminar, you’ll go a long way toward putting your program on a solid footing.


The overall quality of an online program is a central concern and responsibility for all administrators involved.

Yet because of the relative newness of online learning, many administrators, from the highest levels of the university to the people involved in the day-to-day administration of the program, still need to learn how to assess this special kind of teaching and learning.

Specifically, the following professionals would benefit from this seminar:

  • Deans
  • Provosts
  • Program directors
  • Program coordinators
  • Anyone involved with the administration of an online degree program

The advice you’ll find in Are You Offering Quality Online Education? How Do You Know? is relevant to all institutions of higher education-large or small, public or private, two-year or four-year, with or without graduate programs—indeed, even to institutions that are only in the planning stages of launching a program.

It will be of most value to those who already have some experience with online administration.


Order today. Cut a clear and practical path through the big job of program-wide quality assurance.

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