Changes to the Clery Act Handbook: How to Stay Compliant with New Requirements

Changes to the Clery Act Handbook: How to Stay Compliant with New Requirements

Learn how to Avoid Department of Education Fines

We’ve seen some significant changes to the Clery Act recently, such as the VAWA amendments that add new crimes to the report. Plus there are new protocols for the way colleges and universities must count and disclose their crime numbers.

The Department’s just-published Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting, 2016 Edition includes descriptions of the latest changes along with other pertinent details of the Clery Act. This 260+-page handbook gives you information about the new requirements and how to include them in your annual Clery disclosures report. But first, you have to understand what they are.


After watching this program, you will learn strategies you can use to implement the new requirements along with steps to ensure your college or university is in compliance with the revised guidelines. And that’s important, because there are two principal reasons why the Education Department assesses fines—and one of them is for violations of the Clery Act.

topics covered

Here is just some of what you’ll learn from this very timely 60-minute seminar:

  • The latest changes to the Clery Act and why they were made
  • Steps to help you stay compliant with the new requirements and avoid possible Department of Education fines
  • Details of the most significant policy change—how drug violations are reported—and what it could mean for your campus
  • How to avoid over-reporting of Clery Act violations (and the reasons why you should)
  • The updated definition of sexual assault and how it could change things going forward
  • How the VAWA amendments will change the information you need to report—and how you report it


Whether you’re in student affairs, human resources, sexual violence prevention, campus public safety, or you act as a dean of students or Title IX coordinator in a college or university—if you are someone who needs to implement, report on, or ensure compliance with the new Clery Act guidance, this online seminar is just what you need.


Watch Changes to the Clery Act Handbook: How to Stay Compliant with New Requirements and get a comprehensive review of the new requirements and how to comply with them.

Find out what’s changed, how these changes will affect the data you report—and the way you report it.

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