Conversations with Students: Methods That Engage & Motivate

Conversations with Students: Methods That Engage & Motivate

Big changes with better conversations

They text. They come to class late or tired or unprepared. They spend too little time on assignments or fail to read the directions on exams.

Sometimes it seems your students are trying not to do well. And if you could just help them recognize that they were getting in their own way, then maybe they would change their behavior or attitudes.

Only that conversation is hard to get right, and you risk alienating your students if you get it wrong.

Yet most students do want what you want for them. They want to succeed in school, in their careers, and in life.

But sometimes they just donít see how everything fits together and how their approach to your course could improve their chances of success.

So the key is finding the right way to talk with students so that they understand why your course content is important, and then they will want to change their behavior.

Fortunately, some of your colleagues have already figured it out. One approach is called motivational interviewing, and you can learn what it is, how to do it, and why it works in Conversations with Students: Methods That Engage & Motivate.


This Magna 40-Minute Seminar gives you a conversation methodology that you can use to have more constructive, nonconfrontational interactions with your students so that you can actually motivate positive changes in their behavior and attitudes.

Changing student behavior is never easy, but there are research-backed strategies that work.

This seminar presents a proven, student-centered approach that can lead to positive behavior change and increased motivation in students.

Learning Goals

Conversations with Students: Methods That Engage & Motivate prepares you to start having more collaborative conversations with students right away. It is an ideal blend of practice and theory; you will know not only what to do but also why it works so well.

After this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Recognize and describe the basic principles of an evidence-based, student-centered approach to motivating students
  • Describe the processes and uses of values assessments and conversations, assessments of perceived importance or perceived confidence of change, and how to share information in a way that facilitates motivation
  • Conduct an academic values exercise and connect it to the behaviors you wish to motivate (studying, test taking, writing, etc.)
  • Describe a basic structure for having a motivational and difficult conversation with a student

Topics Covered

When you practice what you learn in this seminar, you will discover that your interactions with students become far less stressful and much more productive, and your students will grow more engaged in their education and more committed to their own success.

More specifically, learn to:

  • Adopt a spirit of collaboration and empathy when talking to students
  • Use conversations to better your understanding of your studentsí educational values (e.g., find out what matters to them and why)
  • See motivation (or lack thereof) as an issue of understanding and confidence, not one of attitude or apathy
  • Adopt a nonconfrontational approach to working with resistant students


At some point we all encounter students who are not taking full advantage of the learning opportunities in our courses.

And no matter how much students change over time, they continue to struggle with perspective and priorities from time to time.

This seminar is especially valuable because the student-centered strategies it presents can be adapted to any discipline and can be used to get to the heart of any motivational issue.

Conversations with Students: Methods That Engage & Motivate would be particularly useful for:

  • Faculty
  • Instructors
  • Lecturers
  • Academic advisors


Order today. Magna 40-Minute seminars are quick, hard-hitting seminars that are perfect for time-strapped instructors who need targeted professional development with concrete, actionable strategies and tactics.

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