Cultivate Resilience: Six Steps for Stress Inoculation

Cultivate Resilience: Six Steps for Stress Inoculation

Preserve Your Own Well-Being While Serving Your Institution and Addressing Student Crises

Student affairs professionals face a daunting task today. They have to deal on a daily basis with a range of stressful situations, such as student anxiety and depression, sexual assault cases, and mental health crises.

It is obvious that many of these professionals are stressed to the max. They may assume that they intuitively understand what it means to “deal with” these pressures. Often this is not the case.

If student affairs professionals want to avoid burning out, they need tools for maintaining and nurturing their own mental health and balance. And these tools can, in turn, be shared to equip students to do the same.

Consider registering your entire team for Cultivate Resilience: Six Steps for Stress Inoculation. The presenter will draw on her years of experience teaching psychology to lead this systematic and timely presentation.


You will be trained in her comprehensive six-step process for releasing pent-up stress. You will see how to gain a more lighthearted perspective on daily challenges. You will discover how to let go of toxic feelings that self-injure and to construct a more joyful future.

You will discover ways to preserve your own well-being and emotional framework while serving your institution and addressing student crises in a confident, manageable way.

You will learn how ultimately to inoculate against stress while you manage your responsibilities to support your students and your institution.

Learning goals

After participating in this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the common sense of thinking through assumptions
  • Take self-responsibility for deciding on a course of action when appropriate
  • Acknowledge the absolute rejection of a victim mentality by choosing to let go of life’s insults and challenges
  • See the cathartic value of emotional expression
  • Help your students put these same concepts into practice to better care for themselves, too

Topics covered

Student affairs professionals are like “first responders”—addressing student concerns and crises regularly—and need to know how to deal with these pressures in a healthy, step-by-step way. During this seminar, you will learn to:

  • Appreciate the way seemingly minor challenges can unwittingly add up and become stockpiled and oppressive
  • Inoculate yourself against accumulated stress by using a systematic approach to recognize and address stressors
  • Understand the important difference between being responsible for someone and being responsible to someone
  • Evaluate and understand the limits of what we are in control of, and then make choices from alternatives


Student crises occur daily, so it is imperative that members of the administrative and academic communities are prepared to handle these stresses without lasting negative impacts on their own health and well-being. Cultivate Resilience: Six Steps for Stress Inoculation can meet this expectation conveniently, especially for:

  • Higher education administrators
  • Student services professionals
  • College and university counseling center staff
  • Residence hall staff and administrators


Cultivate Resilience: Six Steps for Stress Inoculation can help student affairs professionals discharge their responsibilities without the toll normally associated with high-stress positions.

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