Department Chairs: Trends and Issues Over Time

Department Chairs: Trends and Issues Over Time

This seminar will explore the information gleaned from a 12-year study regarding the roles, responsibilities, and characteristics of department chairs and will give current chairs and those hoping to become chair a complete picture of what is needed to be effective in this role. Information in the presentation includes salient characteristics (gender, highest degree earned, academic rank, number of years serving as chair, why they remain as chair, etc.), personal information (degree of satisfaction in being a chair, challenges in serving as chair, etc.), insights into the skills needed to be an effective chair, dealing with non-collegial faculty, and the tasks chairs are called on to perform that they deem as pleasant or unpleasant.

Department Chairs: Trends and Issues Over Time, a Magna Online Seminar led by Robert Cipriano, EdD. You will explore data about a study Cipriano performed about the roles and responsibilities of the department chair over a 12-year timeframe. Trends will be analyzed over time and issues will be explored regarding the future of the roles and responsibilities of the chair.


Upon completion of this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • To gain an overall perspective regarding specific areas in which the roles and responsibilities of the chair has evolved by examining a 12-year period
  • To predict of the evolving role of a department chair


Results of a 12-year research study including:

  • Characteristics of the department chair
  • Skills needed to be an effective chair
  • Dealing with non-collegial faculty
  • Challenges of serving as chair
  • Tasks and responsibilities of being chair
  • How the roles and responsibilities of department chairs have changed over time


This seminar will benefit:

  • Department chairs
  • Associate deans
  • Assistant deans
  • Deans
  • HR personnel


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