E-Student Affairs: Supporting Online Learners

E-Student Affairs: Supporting Online Learners

Distance Learning Ideas For Improvement

Providing student services is a recognized way to enrich a studentís academic experience.

The dilemma for colleges and universities is how to extend that same level of service to a rapidly growing online student body.

You need to act sooner than later, as the number of online students is exploding.

Meeting the needs of this population is critical for growth and retention rates, but it wonít be easy.

Tight budgets and economic pressures make adapting a new approach difficult.


Led by two expert instructors, they discuss the relationship between technology, student affairs and distance learners. Youíll see best practice models currently in use: examples that are delivering successful results.

You'll have a better understanding of what it takes to support and retain this growing student population.

Topics Covered

In this seminar you discover:

  • What are the unique needs of the online student population
  • How you can structure services in a user-friendly way
  • What are best practice models for your school
  • How student affairs/services staff can better support online learners
  • What types of social media or other tools and applications can be used
  • Why you should form strategic partnerships


  • Student and Academic Affairs Professionals
  • Director/Assistant Director of Distance Education
  • Director/Assistant Director of Student Development
  • Director/Assistant Director of Student Services
  • Director/Assistant Director of Student Engagement & Retention
  • Dean of Students
  • Program Coordinator
  • Academic Advisor
  • Faculty Advisor


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