Evaluating Online Teaching for New or Veteran Administrators

Evaluating Online Teaching for New or Veteran Administrators

Hereís What You Need to Know to Evaluate Online Teaching

Online learning is a relatively new modality. On top of that, the tools and technology are constantly evolving.

Every semester seems different from the last.

It can be hard for those not in the trenches to evaluate whatís going on to determine what is working and what isnít.

That is why you need Evaluating Online Teaching for New or Veteran Administrators.


This Magna Seminar is filled with best practices and keen insights that will bring you up to speed in less than an hour.

You will learn the strategies and tap into the confidence you need to evaluate your online instructors and use your findings to make key hiring and promotion decisions.

Learning Goals

In just 40 minutes, Evaluating Online Teaching for New or Veteran Administrators will have you ready to ensure that your schoolís online teaching meets institutional goals and standards.

And after this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Set parameters for observing online teaching
  • Measure the teaching behaviors that are unique to online teaching
  • Avoid biases about face-to-face teaching that may distort your evaluation
  • Apply evaluation findings for employment decisions

This seminar provides the one-stop toolkit you need for observing and evaluating online teaching and to make key promotion and hiring decisions.

Topics Covered

This seminar presents best practices for evaluating online teaching practices.

Participants will learn to recognize the core teaching behaviors that are specific to online teaching, and they will learn to use proven evaluation methods and instruments that reliably determine the quality of online teaching.

Participants will learn to:

  • Create parameters for observing and evaluating online teaching
  • Clearly define proper evidence of online teaching practices
  • Determine and allot an appropriate amount of time to observe an online course
  • Determine appropriate kinds and amounts of assistance that administrative observers can have
  • Set clear goals for collecting information about online teaching


Nearly every institution offers some kind of online learning experience via blended courses and/or entirely online programs and degrees.

This seminar will prepare any administrator who needs to evaluate online teaching objectively and efficiently.

Evaluating Online Teaching for New or Veteran Administrators would be particularly useful for the following:

  • Provosts
  • Deans
  • Vice presidents
  • Department chairs
  • Teaching center directors
  • IT directors


Order today. Each school and program needs to ensure that their online programming meets institutional standards and expectations.

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