Front Door Services to Attract & Graduate Adult Learners

Front Door Services to Attract & Graduate Adult Learners

Enroll More Adult Learners: No Theories – Just Solutions

The need for more adult learner focused programs at colleges and universities is indisputable. Projections for the US workforce indicate the need for better trained, well-educated workers. Unfortunately, the rate of graduation for high school students continues to decline.

We will help you understand the critical elements needed to enroll and retain the market of adults who finished high school and never attempted college, those with some college and no degree, and adults desiring a career change.

Topics Covered

The presenter explains:

  • What an informative adult learning focused website should do
  • How student online readiness tools can help students minimize fear, uncertainty and doubt
  • How an adult concierge can provide critical support during the admissions, advising, and enrollment phases
  • What Prior Learning Assessment options exist and how they contribute toward the likelihood of completion
  • How understanding the profile of a non-persisting adult online student can lead to the creation of a system to identify and retain adults who struggle


This seminar is designed for any college or university facing the need to increase enrollment in its adult learner focused degree programs.

Key staff members who should view include:

  • Director of Online Learning
  • Director of Adult Degree Completion
  • Director of College of Professional Studies
  • Dean or Executive Dean of Adult, Professional, and Continuing Studies
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost


Order today. This seminar includes a discussion guide for facilitators-step-by-step instructions for generating productive discussions and thoughtful reflection. You also get guidelines for continuing the conversation after viewing the seminar, tailoring and implementing the strategies discussed, and creating a feedback loop for sharing best practices and challenges.

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