How to Integrate Self-Regulated Learning into Your Courses

How to Integrate Self-Regulated Learning into Your Courses

With so much material to teach, it seems luxurious or even indulgent to spend time thinking about thinking.

However, there are distinct benefits of focusing some effort on developing self-regulated learning (SRL) practices among your students.

In fact, you can improve your students’ exam performance, reading and listening comprehension, written and designed products, and problem-solving skills by incorporating aspects of self-regulated learning into your courses.

Its name might suggest otherwise, but self-regulated learning—the skill set and practice of strategically planning, monitoring, controlling, and evaluating ones’ own learning—can be taught, and you can teach it.


This Magna Online Seminar prepares you to select, adapt, design, and integrate proven self-regulated learning assignments and activities into the courses you’re teaching right now.

How to Integrate Self-Regulated Learning into Your Courses prepares you to immediately incorporate self-regulated learning into your courses with modest additions to current practices.

Learning goals

After participating in How to Integrate Self-Regulated Learning into Your Courses, you will know exactly what self-regulated learning is as well as the stages of the learning process it addresses. You will also be able to:

  • Select, adapt, and design activities and assignments that will enhance your students’ self-regulated learning skills
  • Incorporate these activities and assignments into appropriate course components such as readings, written assignments, and exams
  • Explain how and why these activities and assignments increase student learning, strengthen students’ problem-solving skills, improve students’ exam performance, enhance the quality of student work, and reduce student overconfidence

Topics Covered

During this seminar, learn how to:

  • Incorporate at least one self-regulated learning activity or assignment at the beginning and at the end of a course
  • Add a brief SRL assignment to all assigned readings (or podcasts or videos)
  • Use one or two self-regulated learning activities to help students learn from the mistakes they make in daily problem sets and exams
  • Integrate at least one self-regulated learning activity into a face-to-face lecture to develop students’ active listening skills
  • Pair a meta-assignment with each major assignment to ensure that students plan, monitor, and evaluate their thinking, problem-solving, and strategic decision-making processes through various stages of the assignment to help them become self-aware or “expert” thinkers


This seminar is ideal for instructors at two-year and four-year institutions where any students might struggle with preparedness.

The reality is that the vast majority of students could benefit from some concerted effort to develop their learning skills.

Even the most prepared students will appreciate tips to improve their efficiency so that they can accomplish more in less time.

How to Integrate Self-Regulated Learning into Your Courses would be particularly useful for:

  • Professors of any rank or in any discipline
  • Instructors or lecturers in any discipline
  • Teaching assistants in all disciplines
  • Directors of teaching or faculty-development centers
  • Faculty/educational developers
  • TA training or development specialists


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