Improving Financial Management in Academic Programs

Improving Financial Management in Academic Programs

A Team Approach to Financial Resources

As if you haven’t noticed, the financial screws are tightening at universities and colleges.

Tuition and fee rates from 2000-2010 outpaced inflation (by 2.6% at private four-year, 4.9% at public four-year, and 1.8% at public 2-year schools) while appropriations decreased.

As these financial resources dwindle, the level of accountability steadily increases, putting more pressure on a school’s financial officers.

However, we’ve reached the point where managing expenses can no longer be heaped solely on your college’s financial department.


We can help you adapt to this challenging environment as we help you learn how to measure the financial sustainability of classes, programs and schools, and then use that information to reallocate resources and improve your decision making.

Your presenter provides an in-depth analysis of case studies along with background information, a “next-steps” guide, and other valuable resources.

Learning Goals

In this 75-minute seminar you will learn how to:

  • Educate your faculty and staff on your college’s finances. You’ll be able to understand and articulate the “subsidy-economics” inherent in higher education, and explain to your school why new tools are essential for moving forward.
  • Form a cross-functional team to analyze financial sustainability. You’ll see how to create a Financial Sustainability Analysis (FSA), and then integrate FSA into your strategic planning, program review, budgeting and other financial functions.
  • Use your FSA to free financial resources and improve decision making. FSA will help your people make equitable, rational decisions in areas such as hiring, determining class size, scheduling classes and other challenging financial decisions.


Who will benefit?
Anyone affiliated with a 2-year or 4-year public or private college or university; specific positions and audiences include:

  • Provosts
  • Deans
  • Chairs
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Administrative Officers
  • Institutional Researchers


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