Leading Change: A Framework for Department Chairs

Leading Change: A Framework for Department Chairs

Start Shaping Your Department’s Future

Change is not optional in higher education today and that can be a good thing – if you know how to manage it.

Seismic shifts in student demographics, delivery mechanisms, stakeholder demands, and learning goals are forcing colleges and universities everywhere to confront the need for change.

That makes this the perfect time to implement innovations to improve your department, help students succeed, and promote the public good.

Find out how you can lead the change you want to see with Leading Change: A Framework for Department Chairs, a Magna Online Seminar.

Change is not easy in any organization, let alone academic departments, and transformations today must unfold in a world of decreasing funding opportunities and increasing demands for accountability.


In this 60-minute online seminar, learn a conceptual approach that will help you stop reacting to change – and start leading it.

Discover that being an effective change agent requires more than a vision, an implementation plan, and an assessment. Learn how you can develop comprehensive change strategies customized for your department.

Learning Goals

After participating in this online seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the type of change needed to address problems in specific situations
  • Assess organizational challenges
  • Employ appropriate strategies to create change

Topics Covered

Change of all kinds requires a shift in perspective, and in this Magna Online Seminar learn how to look at your department from four distinct points of view or frames:

  • Structural
  • Human Resources
  • Political
  • Symbolic

Leading Change: A Framework for Department Chairs shows you how to achieve transformational leadership by harnessing the power of multiple perspectives.

Learn when and how to target key facets of your department with specific change strategies, such as:

  • Using policies and goal-setting to support change
  • Recruiting with an eye toward change
  • Creating coalitions to advance change
  • Using shared values to energize implementation of your change agenda

Case examples will clarify the connections between seminar content and your concerns. Questions for self-assessment, fact sheets, and additional resources will help you put all this new information to work.


Department chairs and leaders of academic units are well positioned to lead the changes needed in higher education today, particularly those dealing with student achievement, curriculum, and pedagogy.

Leading Change: A Framework for Department Chairs was developed to make sure these academic leaders have the change management skills they need to support higher education in the 21st century.

Explore successful changes championed by department chairs in physics and biology, and learn an approach you can use to create change in any discipline and at any institution.


You can be the change agent your department needs to thrive in tumultuous times. Order this essential professional development seminar today!

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