Legal Landscape of MOOCs: 5 Issues that Belong on Your Radar

Legal Landscape of MOOCs: 5 Issues that Belong on Your Radar

Considering MOOCs? Start by Understanding Legal Issues

Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, have captured the popular imagination—especially of those who would like to make higher education more affordable.

It is hard to sit quietly on the MOOC sidelines and see how things play out, especially when everyone seems to have an opinion that they’re eager to share.

It’s one thing to have an opinion, and it’s another thing to understand the facts related to the legal issues involved with offering MOOCs. These issues could have serious implications.

While institutions have worked out the basic legal and compliance considerations for online education as it’s delivered currently, MOOCs are different and pose unique questions regarding copyright, compliance, and a host of other legal issues that affect schools, faculty, and students.

Before you dive into the MOOC pool, it is prudent to consider the unique legal issues of this relatively new educational delivery methodology.


This seminar identifies and demystifies legal issues pertaining to MOOCs so that you can adequately address them.

You will finish this seminar with an understanding of the unique legal questions raised by MOOCs. You will also be prepared to adequately address those legal issues on your campuses so that you can pursue and implement MOOCs with confidence.

This seminar helps you structure and deliver MOOCs without exposing your institution to unnecessary risk or without complicating relationships with faculty or vendors. Everyone—students, schools, faculty, and vendors—is better off when they all head into negotiations aware and prepared.

Topics Covered

This seminar exposes you to the unique legal issues that MOOCs raise for institutions and their instructors. More specifically, this seminar:

  • Shows you why it is important to involve faculty leaders when discussing legal concerns related to MOOCs
  • Prepares you to factor in legal considerations when determining how to use and implement MOOCs at your institution
  • Demonstrates how copyright issues are not the only legal concerns regarding MOOCs
  • Offers guidance on involving campus leaders in MOOC planning and discussions

After participating in Legal Landscape of MOOCs: 5 Issues that Belong on Your Radar, you will have a working understanding of:

  • Copyright ownership and compliance issues pertaining to MOOCs
  • The significance of the “terms and conditions” of the contract between educational institutions and MOOC platform providers
  • How MOOCs impact the interests of both faculty and students
  • The importance of involving faculty governance in discussions about MOOC legalities
  • Privacy considerations raised by MOOCs


Institutions of all sizes are experimenting with MOOCs. This seminar is relevant to any individual or school—public or private—considering or currently offering an open online course on a broad scale.

You don’t need to be an attorney to consider and address legal issues pertaining to your work. In fact, the attorneys can do a better job when you know what to bring to them and when to do it.

As online education continues to evolve, the legal issues surrounding distance education will continue to evolve as well. Things change that quickly, and courts are handing down decisions and issuing new interpretations of existing laws all the time.

Legal Landscape of MOOCs: 5 Issues that Belong on Your Radar would be particularly useful to the following:

  • Administrators responsible for curricular innovation
  • Distance education administrators
  • Deans of distance education programs
  • Faculty members
  • Campus leaders involved in faculty governance


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