Managing Staff Change: Admissions Teams in Transition

Managing Staff Change: Admissions Teams in Transition

If your department is like most, budgets have been rewritten...staff has been shuffled…the financial aid picture has shifted dramatically.

Not everybody likes change – and in fact, it can have an extremely negative effect on staff morale and performance.

What can you do about it?

Find out in the this Magna Online Seminar.

In this idea-filled 60 minute presentation, your presenters help you understand key principles of navigating change and managing staff through the process.


You’ll discover how to:

  • Introduce new people, processes and responsibilities into an established structure
  • Help change-averse staff members embrace new thinking
  • Reorganize departmental structure and adapt roles for maximum productivity
  • Manage and resolve the conflicts that arise in times of change
  • Convey a sense of stability

We provide the tools and techniques you can use to maintain team cohesion, encourage innovation, and keep morale and productivity high.


Who will benefit from this seminar?

  • Directors
  • Deans
  • Vice Presidents
  • Associate directors


Order today and begin implementing the strategies discussed right away.

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