Motivate, Engage, and Inspire: Tips for Teaching Modern Learners

Motivate, Engage, and Inspire: Tips for Teaching Modern Learners

New insights that will help you better engage and motivate your students.

The way students learn is changing. So the way you teach them has to change, too.

Teaching methods have long been based on traditions that in many ways no longer apply to today’s learners. The modern learner—typically Millennials born between 1981 and 1999—doesn’t respond well to these outdated teaching methods. Generational differences are having a significant impact on the way Millennials learn—and on the way you teach.

Millennials typically have shorter attention spans. They’re visual learners. And they value interaction and approachability over subject-matter knowledge. Taking notes while listening to a lecture is not the way these students learn. So if that’s how you’ve been teaching, it’s time for a change!

For many long-time faculty, adjusting the way you teach can be difficult. But because your ultimate goal is to motivate students to achieve a higher level of learning, how you accomplish that goal needs to be based on the changing characteristics of this new generation.

Order Motivate, Engage, and Inspire: Tips for Teaching Modern Learners and listen as speaker Christy Price provides you with a comprehensive look at the modern learner. Find out what makes Millennials tick, what’s different in how they learn (and why it’s different), and the research data that will help you understand what it all means.

Dr. Price will help you identify the teaching methods that work best for modern learners, including several strategies to better engage and motivate your Millennial students. She’ll focus on what she calls the five new R’s: Research, rationale, relaxed, rapport, and research-based methods. She’ll delve in-depth into each “R” and why each one is critical to helping your modern students succeed.   

Whether you’re a professor, department chair, administrator, faculty, or faculty developer—anyone who needs to understand the changing new world of teaching—this seminar is a must-watch.


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