Motivate, Engage, and Inspire: Tips for Teaching Modern Learners

Motivate, Engage, and Inspire: Tips for Teaching Modern Learners

Thursday, August 31, 2017 | 1:00 PM Central | 60 Minutes

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New insights that will help you better engage and motivate your students.

The way students learn is changing. So the way you teach them has to change, too.

Teaching methods have long been based on traditions that in many ways no longer apply to today’s learners. The modern learner—typically Millennials born between 1981 and 1999—doesn’t respond well to these outdated teaching methods. Generational differences are having a significant impact on the way Millennials learn—and on the way you teach.

Millennials typically have shorter attention spans. They’re visual learners. And they value interaction and approachability over subject-matter knowledge. Taking notes while listening to a lecture is not the way these students learn. So if that’s how you’ve been teaching, it’s time for a change!

For many long-time faculty, adjusting the way you teach can be difficult. But because your ultimate goal is to motivate students to achieve a higher level of learning, how you accomplish that goal needs to be based on the changing characteristics of this new generation.

Luckily, a new online seminar from Magna Publications can help!

Register to participate in “Motivate, Engage, and Inspire: Tips for Teaching Modern Learners” scheduled for Thursday, August 31, 2017, then listen as speaker Christy Price provides you with a comprehensive look at the modern learner. Find out what makes Millennials tick, what’s different in how they learn (and why it’s different), and the research data that will help you understand what it all means.

Dr. Price will help you identify the teaching methods that work best for modern learners, including several strategies to better engage and motivate your Millennial students. She’ll focus on what she calls the five new R’s: Research, rationale, relaxed, rapport, and research-based methods. She’ll delve in-depth into each “R” and why each one is critical to helping your modern students succeed.   

Whether you’re a professor, department chair, administrator, faculty, or faculty developer—anyone who needs to understand the changing new world of teaching—this seminar is a must-attend.

For one low price—just $247 (through 8/18/17, $297 thereafter)—you and your entire team at one location can take part in this insightful seminar and get the latest information on the subject from our expert. And remember that your entire team in one location can participate with you when you register.

Here is just some of what you’ll learn during this thought-provoking 60-minute seminar:

  • Characteristics of millennials and how they affect the teaching and learning process
  • The five R’s of engaging millennial learners and how to use them in your classroom
  • How students today describe the ideal professor—and how you can get as close as possible to that ideal
  • How to structure your class to accommodate the growing diversity of learners in terms of preparedness and abilities
  • How to improve student achievement by creating a learning environment that is better suited to the expectations of millennials
  • The changing methods of assessing the knowledge and abilities of these students
  • How to handle a faculty member who might be resistant to making these changes
  • How to engage and motivate the modern learner

. . . and much more!

Your seminar registration includes the following:

  • Downloadable PowerPoint presentations from the speaker
  • On-demand access for 30 days after the seminar airs on 8/31/17
  • CD recording of the seminar
  • Written transcript
  • Supplemental materials, including discussion guide and critical reflection worksheet
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarante

For the live seminar, you can have as many people participate in the program as you like using the single connection by using a large screen, projector, and speakers.

There is no limit to how many times the live seminar is accessed while available. Additional connections for other locations or branch campuses can be purchased for $100 per additional connection. Contact Magna Customer Service at 800-433-0499 to add additional connections for the rebroadcasted seminar.

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