Online Teaching Toolkit: Evaluate & Improve Your Teaching

Online Teaching Toolkit: Evaluate & Improve Your Teaching

Take charge of your online teaching evaluations

Until recently, teachers and students faced each other in the same classroom at the same time.

The increase of online courses has changed that model dramatically, affecting how teachers are evaluated in profound ways.

More pressure is put on faculty and institutions today to develop online course offerings and to figure out how to teach them.

With just the click of a button, students who are unsatisfied with the quality of a course can move into an online environment, taking their tuition dollars with them.

It is essential that faculty understand the best practices that underlie evaluations of effective online teaching.

To gain this awareness, order Online Teaching Toolkit: Evaluate & Improve Your Teaching, a 40-minute online seminar from Magna Publications.


You'll compare summative and formative evaluation approaches and learn how to use feedback from diverse sources to improve your teaching.

You'll learn how to make changes in your teaching methods while you teach the course so you can respond quickly to student concerns.

Evaluating your performance in online courses is becoming more important than ever.

Learning Goals

After completing this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Conduct a self-evaluation of your online teaching performance
  • Adjust online instructional strategies in relation to self-evaluation
  • Enhance online pedagogy to foster student learning and satisfaction
  • Identify and utilize evaluations of online teaching
  • Differentiate the impact of online course design versus online teaching

Topics Covered

In this timely seminar, you'll learn different ways to self-evaluate your teaching, interpret feedback, and make pivotal changes in your teaching methods to attain better evaluations.

You will walk away with a repertoire of strategies to meet the growing demands of teaching online.

This seminar provides clear, practical insights on relevant topics, such as:

  • Defining the hidden strengths and importance of evaluation
  • Comparing summative and formative evaluation approaches
  • Improving your performance step-by-step while the course is being taught
  • Exploring the different sources of formative feedback: self, peers, and students
  • Demystifying the SCARF loop and the 5 W's
  • Preparing for the next class (summative evaluation)

You will also get a set of resources to supplement the seminar instruction and accelerate your professional development.

Online Teaching Toolkit: Evaluate & Improve Your Teaching arms you with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to take a more hands-on role in shaping the outcome of your evaluations.


Take a more proactive role in shaping the outcome of your evaluations, and you’ll distinguish yourself among administrators, department heads, and students.

Online Teaching Toolkit: Evaluate & Improve Your Teaching can be a key to ensuring your professional development, equipping you with excellent teaching skills and giving you confidence to deal with developments in online instruction.

Attending this online seminar would be most appropriate for:

  • Faculty who teach online
  • Online course administrators
  • Faculty training and development personnel
  • Educators at both 2- and 4-year schools
  • Educators at both public and private institutions
  • Faculty and administrators at any institution offering online courses


This dynamic seminar can give you the insights and practical tools for boosting evaluation results while improving your teaching. Order today.

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