Recruiting a Racially Diverse, Culturally Competent Faculty

Recruiting a Racially Diverse, Culturally Competent Faculty

Hiring and Retaining Diverse Staff

Retaining a racially diverse faculty starts with strategic and comprehensive recruiting efforts.

The composition of student bodies is changing significantly, as the numbers of students of color continue to grow on campus.

Faculty selection processes need to change, also, to better meet the needs of the current generation of college students.

To keep pace with changing times, higher education institutions must continue to focus on recruiting and retaining a more diverse and culturally competent faculty.

Faculty members possessing multicultural competence are best able to teach, advise, and mentor school populations with increased racial diversity.

This means that the faculty selection process at your school deserves a closer look in order to ensure that it will enable you to reach the goal of attracting faculty members committed to diversity, inclusion and social justice.


The presenters deliver clear-cut strategies your school can use to increase the racial diversity of final applicant pools as you approach the crucial task of hiring new faculty members.

This seminar is offered in partnership with the Social Justice Training Institute.

Topics Covered

This 90-minute seminar covers critical aspects of the faculty search and hiring process:

  • Selecting and training search committee chairs
  • Improving the multicultural competence of search committee members
  • Increasing the size of thepool of promising candidates through networking, mentoring, internship and fellowship programs
  • Marketing and advertising considerations
  • Deciding upon core competencies and abilities necessary for a position
  • Writing the job description
  • Developing helpful interview questions
  • Evaluating candidate abilities with preferred competencies
  • Contacting references
  • Choosing the final candidate
  • Making the job offer
  • Creating a transition team to assist each new hire


This seminar is recommended for all campus representatives charged with recruiting and hiring new faculty members, including:

  • Search Committee Members
  • Academic Leaders: Directors, Deans, Department Heads
  • Faculty Division Leaders
  • Chief Diversity Officers
  • Members of Diversity Committees and Task Forces


The success of students of color on your campus requires a renewed commitment to recruiting culturally competent faculty members to teach them. Learn how your institution can foster greater diversity and inclusion by enrolling in this important seminar today.

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