Reducing Homesickness: Tools for Student Affairs & Res Life

Reducing Homesickness: Tools for Student Affairs & Res Life

College Survival Skills for Freshmen | Homesickness

For most students, college is an opportunity to experience the exhilaration of independence.

But for others, longing for home seems to trump all that a campus can offer.

Homesickness – a mild, fleeting feeling for most – is for some an unbearable burden.

It can lead to isolation, unhappiness, symptoms of depression, and ultimately, withdrawal from school.

There are ways to help students overcome feelings of homesickness and we examine them in this seminar.


The presenter discusses strategies that will help you:

  • Lessen both the prevalence and intensity of homesickness
  • Boost student health and wellness
  • Create strong relationships with students and parents
  • Maintain graduation rates

Learning Goals

In this 75-minute presentation you’ll learn how you can:

  • Prevent homesickness by working with students and their families before school starts
  • Train your staff to recognize signs of homesickness and intervene appropriately
  • Share effective coping strategies, including social integration, positive attitudes and realistic time perspectives
  • Create orientation programs that will help minimize the intensity of homesickness


  • Deans of students
  • Deans and directors of residential life
  • Campus housing directors
  • Parent relations coordinators
  • Student life staff
  • Student activities directors
  • Anyone charged with supporting students’ adjustment to school.


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