Seven Ways to Increase Student Attention and Learning

Seven Ways to Increase Student Attention and Learning

Accelerating Learning Through Focused Teaching

Today, higher education educators face growing pressure to deliver results while serving an increasingly diverse student body.

Fortunately, ongoing research has expanded our knowledge of both how learning affects the human brain, and the behaviors which support effective learning.

These principles apply across cultures and disciplines. Learn how to harness them for your classroom in this 90-minute seminar with Kendall Zoller, EdD.


We help you create a flow of energized focus and involvement in your presentations:

  • Strategies for accelerating learning
  • Communication methods to guide student attention without direct management
  • Practices to build credibility quickly and efficiently
  • Techniques to increase student participation
  • Skills for reaching all students, from the quiet to the resistant
  • Ways to create and build on positive classroom dynamics.

Topics Covered

Research-Based & Ready to Go

This seminar is built around the 7 Essential Abilities of Effective Presenters, first explored by Zoller in his book, The Choreography of Presenting.

Zoller demonstrates teaching skills with video clips and shows you how to select one or two of the 50+ skills in his book and practice using it until the technique becomes second nature.

He also provides additional resources and references to the 7 Essential Abilities of Effective Presenters.

You also get a copy of the Discussion Guide for Facilitators, full of tips on how to implement what youíve learned, share best practices and keep practicing the key concepts of effective teaching.

An Experienced Professional

Kendall Zoller, EdD, has extensive experience teaching middle school, high school, community college, and university. His experience also includes presenting and coaching university faculty, staff and administrators, as well as school administrators, teachers, sales managers, sales teams and law enforcement personnel. His professional learning seminars and keynote presentations have taken him across the United States, Canada, China and Southeast Asia.

Co-author of The Choreography of Presenting: The 7 essential abilities of effective presenters (Corwin-Press, 2010) and president of Sierra Training Associates, Inc, Zoller is a contributing author to Robert Garmstonís Presenterís Field Guide and mentor to the National Academy for Science and Mathematics Education Leadership. A frequent guest lecturer at universities, Zoller has presented at Boston Universityís Center for Teaching and Learning, the University of Illinois Business College and the University of California at Berkeley. Along with presentation and leadership skills, Zollerís research includes the study of Nonverbal Communicative Intelligence.


Targeted at experienced educators who want to refine their technique, Seven Ways to Increase Student Attention and Learning will help lecturers, teachers, teaching assistants and professors from any higher education institution.


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