Sexual Violence: What to Expect from an OCR Title IX Investigation

Sexual Violence: What to Expect from an OCR Title IX Investigation

Be Ready for an Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Title IX Investigation

Would you be prepared if a student were to initiate a sexual violence complaint, or if OCR were to initiate a compliance review at your school? Do you know what the process would entail? Do you know what to do now that will put you in far better position then?

You can gain that knowledge on Title IX compliance from this Magna Online Seminar, Sexual Violence: What to Expect from a Title IX Investigation.

The presentation explores the evolution of Title IX, since its inception in 1972, to provide important context that has led to an increase in sexual violence complaints and compliance reviews from the Office for Civil Rights. This seminar shines a spotlight on the Office for Civil Rights Title IX Investigations process so that you can ultimately improve your Title IX compliance program and better prepare your institution.

Learning Goals

At the conclusion of the seminar, you will be able to:

  • Define the steps of the investigative process
  • Articulate the types of information the OCR would seek
  • Develop a process for managing that information
  • Identify compliance practices, policies, and procedures you should be following now
  • Demonstrate your program’s compliance during an investigation
  • List the compliance violations often cited in investigations
  • Understand emerging best practices to stay prepared for an OCR Investigation

Topics Covered

This presentation will walk you through the steps involved in an investigation, and what a review entails, including:

  • The case evaluation process (for incident investigations)
  • The notification/data request letter 
  • Investigation and determination
  • The resolution agreement 
  • The letter of finding
  • Monitoring of the agreement

This seminar outlines the OCR’s information-gathering process during an investigation, and explain why you need to be diligent in your record keeping now. It will explain the policies and practices you should have in place in order to confidently demonstrate compliance, and provide important insights about the compliance failures most frequently cited by the OCR during a review.


This program is recommend for:

  • Title IX coordinators and investigators
  • Enterprise risk management directors
  • Victim advocates
  • Campus police
  • Human resources personnel
  • Deans of students
  • Counselors


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