Teaching to the Core: Ensuring the Success of Professional-Track Students

Teaching to the Core: Ensuring the Success of Professional-Track Students

Todayís professional-track students enroll in college with expectations of an easy, quick path to learning, only to find that medical and dental programs can be inflexible, challenging, and prescriptive. These programs can prove even more difficult for students with learning challenges.

What implementable strategies can you as the instructor provide to help students fulfill their professional, educational, and personal goals as healthcare professionals?

Register today for the Magna Online Seminar, Teaching to the Core: Ensuring the Success of Professional-Track Students, presented by Doreen Johnson, CDA, RDH, MA. Youíll learn how to set students up for success by employing alternative lessons, using a blended and supportive curriculum, and teaching students individually. Youíll review core competencies required by CODA/ACEN and explore strategies for assisting students with different learning challenges.


As more and more institutions implement fast-track and accelerated programs for quicker student success, faculty have become stressed and pushed to incorporate education methods at a very fast pace. Teaching the required curriculum to all students, including those with different learning challenges, has become an increasingly difficult task. This seminar provides strategies for teaching all core competencies and professional standards required by governing bodies, while also teaching to the core of the student, keeping in mind learning challenges.


Upon completion of this seminar, youíll be able to:

  • Identify students who require educational support and use multiple teaching methods to reach all students
  • Understand the differences between students who fall under the 504 Rehabilitation Act in a college environment vs. a high school IEP (Individual Educational Plan), and the necessary documentation instructors need
  • Leverage various faculty teaching methods to support students in the ever-changing healthcare environment
  • Establish a blended healthcare curriculum with a learning management system that offers support to healthcare students


  • Student learning challenges present in today's diverse classroom
  • Faculty teaching styles
  • Core competency obligations for faculty
  • Blending for acceleration of learning
  • Real-life student success stories and how students with learning challenges were able to navigate the healthcare curriculum and become successful healthcare providers


This seminar is designed for all healthcare faculty, including those teaching in programs that deal specifically with patient-centered care, such as medical, nursing, dental, and occupational areas of healthcare.


By implementing the strategies set forth in this seminar, youíll be less stressed and able to devote more time to helping students master advanced skills and succeed as healthcare professionals. Register today!

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