Ten Critical Steps in Choosing a Learning Management System

Ten Critical Steps in Choosing a Learning Management System

You Can’t Predict the Future but Your LMS Can Support It

Learning management systems cover a lot of ground.

They can include an extensive amount of functionality—everything from course management and quizzes to chat boards, assessment tools, and course evaluations.

Every vendor offers a different product with different terminology and different pricing structures.

With the right preparation and process, you can help your school choose the LMS that supports your instructional and learning goals.

In Ten Critical Steps in Choosing a Learning Management System, Magna’s online seminar, learn how to evaluate your current technological needs, how to develop an LMS selection process, and how to implement that process successfully.

This hard-hitting seminar leaves nothing out. It touches on social media, collaboration features, e-portfolios, analytics, rubrics, mobile options, multi-institution support, vendor vs. open-source solutions, hosting considerations, security, pricing, and accessibility.


This seminar prepares you to consider future institutional needs and priorities as you make today’s decisions. Learn how to evaluate total value and compare it to price and budget.

In addition, learn how to engage faculty at all stages of the selection process. Plus, gain valuable communication strategies and tactics that you will need to share with the rest of your constituents.

Learning Goals

After participating in Ten Critical Steps in Choosing a Learning Management System, you will be able to:

  • Clearly articulate institutional needs, practices, and priorities
  • Implement a rigorous selection process
  • Choose a system that accounts for expansion of existing and introduction of new social media platforms and mobile technologies

Topics Covered

With so many factors to consider in choosing an LMS, it helps to have a guide to walk you through all the facets of selecting an appropriate LMS.

That is exactly what this seminar will do. It breaks the process into ten concrete steps that work for any size institution, public or private.

More specifically, in this seminar learn how to:

  • Determine a technology strategy for your campus
  • Compare learning management systems when terminology and functionality differ from vendor to vendor
  • Pilot test systems for accessibility, security, and integration into existing technological frameworks
  • Communicate LMS information to all stakeholders
  • Compare pricing options and terms
  • Prepare for implementation

There are myriad criteria to consider when evaluating LMS options. These include price, data security, hosting (self vs. vendor or cloud), and open source vs. commercial.

However, the most important factor is how effectively any platform supports the teaching and learning of a school’s faculty and students.


More than 80% of higher education institutions are offering online learning, and an LMS is an increasingly indispensable technology tool for colleges and universities.

Anyone responsible for helping institutions adopt or change an LMS would benefit from this seminar.

This kind of technology is a huge investment, and it pays to spend more time up front to develop and execute a sound selection process.

This seminar will prepare you to do just that.

Ten Critical Steps in Choosing a Learning Management System would be particularly useful for the following:

  • Faculty
  • Instructional designers
  • Instructional technologists
  • Distance learning administrators


Order this program today. The dizzying array of options can make it seem impossible to compare apples to apples and make any decision, let alone the best one.

Of course, there are colleges and universities that have figured it out, and you can, too.

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