The 10 Myths of Social Justice

The 10 Myths of Social Justice

Social Justice Issues On Campus

Myths can be innocuous … nobody ever got hurt believing in unicorns.

But they can also be damaging, especially when they pertain to a subject as important as social justice.

When people are dissuaded from embracing social justice concepts because of misinformation and misunderstanding, we all suffer.

Making things right is important … and on a college campus, there’s no better place from which to do so than the Student Affairs department.

As the locus of some of our most important discussions regarding social justice, Student Affairs is where we need to begin to paint a true picture of the concept.

Topic Covered

This presentation focuses on myths including:

  • That social justice is too vague a concept to be useful
  • That social justice is synonymous with “diversity” or “multiculturalism”
  • That there’s no scholarship on social justice
  • That students just aren’t that interested
  • That social justice is a “liberal” cause irrelevant to conservatives
  • That good intentions with respect to social justice lead to good outcomes


This eye-opening presentation will help you fine-tune your understanding of social justice and help you advance a social justice agenda on your campus with confidence and assurance.

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