The Intersection of Title IX and Clery: Implementing the VAWA Amendments

The Intersection of Title IX and Clery: Implementing the VAWA Amendments

Keeping Campuses Safe from Sexual Violence: What You Must Know About Title IX and Clery

In partnership with the VTV Family Outreach Foundation

Sexual violence is a serious and pervasive problem on Americaís college and university campuses. Some estimates suggest that one of every four college women will be sexually assaulted while in college. Sexual violence interferes with a victimís right to learn, and it erodes safety for everyone. The federal government has responded with legislation that establishes institutional requirements and expectations of colleges and universities.

Campus safety and security hinges on your understanding of the intersection of Clery and Title IX.

While these laws both work to improve campus safety, there are some critical differences between them. The Intersection of Title IX and Clery: Implementing the VAWA Amendments will compare and contrast Title IX and the Clery Act, and then explain how to implement the VAWA amendments.


After completing this On-Demand Seminar, participants will understand:

  • The new sexual violence response requirements under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) amendments
  • Existing sexual violence response requirements under Title IX
  • The similarities and differences between the Clery Act and Title IX

Topics Covered

This comprehensive 60-minute Magna Online Seminar covers institutional expectations and requirements relating to sexual violence as established by Title IX and the Clery Act, including:

  • The similarities between Title IX and the Clery Act, including institutional response requirements, the shared goals of eliminating sexual violence and creating safe learning environments on campuses, victim confidentiality requirements, and protections against retaliation
  • The critical differences between Title IX and the Clery Act
  • The definitions of and required responses to specific crimes enumerated by the VAWA amendment to the Clery Act; these include sex offenses, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking
  • Requirements of various campus employees or representatives under both Clery and Title IX
  • Circumstances and events that will trigger Title IX and Clery proceedings
  • Prevention and awareness training and education requirements under Title IX and Clery
  • Victim rights and responsibilities under Title IX and Clery
  • Procedures and processes for determining violations and assigning disciplinary sanctions
  • Government enforcement mechanisms and potential institutional sanctions


It is critical that campus staff and administrators understand the laws and requirements so that they can adequately and appropriately respond to and support victims.

This seminar is useful for anyone in higher education who might confront sexual violence issues, including:

  • Title IX coordinators
  • Title IX investigators
  • Victim advocates
  • Campus police
  • Human resources personnel
  • Deans of students
  • Counselors


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