Understanding and Combating Resistance to Online Learning

Understanding and Combating Resistance to Online Learning

Overcome Online Learning Resistance with Positive Persistence

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

When President John F. Kennedy said that in 1963, he probably wasn’t thinking about online education.

After all, ASCII was a newly invented computer code and IBM hadn’t even introduced the first word processor yet.

But his words show that resistance to change is as constant as change itself, which might explain the persistence of resistance to online learning in higher education—even though nearly 70% of the 2,800 colleges and universities surveyed by the Babson Survey Research Group said online education was critical to their long-term strategies.

Find out what’s holding people back—and what you can do about it—in Understanding and Combating Resistance to Online Learning, a Magna 40-Minute Seminar.

Discover that fear of online learning isn’t only a matter of faculty resistance. Institutional resistance, as well as student resistance, is also involved, and they’re not all driven by fear.

Concerns about quality, student engagement, administrative transparency, institutional image, faculty engagement, and organizational structure come into play too.


This presentation provides you with both practical and big-picture strategies to promote both faculty and student engagement with online education.

One of the most important issues you’ll learn to address is the perception of online learning as being somehow “less” than face-to-face education.

The seminar explores:

  • The four campus constituencies most likely to fear online learning
  • The five most common ways to show resistance to online learning
  • The five essential questions you need to ask to understand fear of online learning
  • The five key insights that can help you combat resistance to online learning

Learning Goals

After taking part in this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize that resistance continues to be an issue for online learning programs
  • Compare resistance based on valid concerns versus fear of the unfamiliar
  • Explain how the differing needs and perspectives of students, faculty, and administrative staff cause resistance
  • Describe flexible strategies you can use to combat resistance

Topics Covered

Even with millions of students enrolled in online courses, there is still significant resistance to online learning in higher education.

In fact, only 28% of academic leaders said their faculty accept “the value and legitimacy of online education,” according to the Babson Survey Research Group.

There are many reasons for resistance to online learning, but you and your institution need to address them to realize the potential benefits of your online offerings.

Understanding and Combating Resistance to Online Learning can help you do just that.

The seminar shares many ideas to help you respond effectively to this attitude, including:

  • Documentation to emphasize quality in online learning
  • Public information campaigns on online learning
  • Techniques to promote faculty engagement with online learning


The issues and strategies explored in Understanding and Combating Resistance to Online Learning are relevant to any institution with an online program.

The seminar is designed for participants with a foundational level of experience with online education and will be most helpful for those in the following positions:

  • Instructors, including full-time faculty and part-time adjuncts
  • Instructional designers
  • Educational technologists
  • Managers/directors of online learning
  • Deans of distance education


With more than seven million college and university students taking at least one course online each year, it’s clear that online learning will be part of the future of higher education.

Make sure you and your institution don’t miss it. Order Understanding and Combating Resistance to Online Learning today.

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