Using Appreciative Inquiry to Facilitate Change

Using Appreciative Inquiry to Facilitate Change

Co-Creating the Future with a Positive Perspective

“What we think about, we are becoming.”

If that’s the case, no wonder so many troubleshooting initiatives go down in flames—they’re focusing so closely on problems, it’s not possible to imagine solutions.

But imaginative solutions are just what higher education needs today.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) takes a different approach to change management. Instead of starting with what’s wrong with a social system, AI looks at what’s working.

Co-creation and communication are additional key elements of this exciting change methodology, which has been used successfully at Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits alike since it was first developed in the mid-eighties.

Find out what AI can do for you in Using Appreciative Inquiry to Facilitate Change, a Magna Online Seminar


In this 60-minute online presentation, learn how you can join campuses and corporations across the country and use AI to:

  • Design and facilitate learning
  • Give more effective feedback
  • Build teams
  • Lead teams in co-creating their futures
  • Practice continuous improvement as a leader

As an academic leader, you know that two of your chief responsibilities are articulating a shared vision for the future and assembling the team it will take to bring that future into existence.

In this online seminar, see how AI can fuel your fulfillment of these key responsibilities with a positive energy.

Using the strengths-based approach articulated through AI to engage with colleagues and situations will promote consensus and energize your efforts to realize possibilities and capitalize on opportunities.

As you and your colleagues co-construct your organization—starting with what you’re doing right—you’ll simultaneously develop the momentum you need to accomplish real change!

Learning goals

After participating in this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the basic concepts, models, and uses of AI
  • Employ the 4-D AI Framework to lead a team through an appreciative inquiry
  • Apply AI as an academic leader to build your own team and co-create your own future

Topics Covered

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a multifaceted change methodology.

In Using Appreciative Inquiry to Facilitate Change, you will learn that AI is a practice you’ll find useful in everything from day-to-day situations to long-range planning.

The presenter explains how AI uses these terms and shows you how you can use AI to:

  • Focus on the positives in any situation
  • Build on what you do well
  • Use reframing as a leadership skill


The seminar will be meaningful to individuals from all types of higher education institutions and particularly helpful for:

  • Academic leaders
  • Coordinators
  • Chairs
  • Deans
  • Directors
  • Vice presidents
  • Presidents
  • Faculty/staff developers
  • Organizational developers
  • Directors of strategic planning

You know your organization will need to embrace change in order to embrace the future. Find out how you can start the future off right by ordering for Using Appreciative Inquiry to Facilitate Change today.


Higher education has been a force for individual and societal transformation throughout history, and retains that potential today, even in light of multiple challenges.

Take advantage of this professional development opportunity and discover how you can work with colleagues to co-create a positive future on your campus. Order now!

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