Using Student Analytics for Online Course Improvement

Using Student Analytics for Online Course Improvement

Improve Online Learning & Student Engagement with Analytics

You can improve teaching and learning in your distance learning courses by using data from your learning management systems to see how often a student reviews course content or checks in with a Discussion Board—and you won’t need a degree in statistics to analyze the data or develop a helpful interpretation of what it all means.

Course analytics can help you get proactive with your online learning students.

See how data from learning management systems lets you identify students who may be falling behind before it’s too late, and learn how to analyze the effectiveness of your online education practices.

Although distance learning is revolutionizing higher education, high quality student/faculty interaction is still the key.


This seminar gives you the basic understanding you need to improve teaching and learning in your courses by using course analytics—and you don’t need to be a statistician to see the positive results.

Learning goals

After participating in this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize that traditional improvement techniques, such as surveys and evaluations at the end of term, are reactive, not proactive
  • Describe how the proactive use of course analytics improves interaction and content presentation before and during a semester
  • Explain why improving interaction is not restricted by program

Employ analytic information gathered and interpreted to improve courses currently being taught

Topics Covered

In a traditional classroom, you know how to evaluate whether or not you’re connecting with your students.

If you look out and see bored, blank faces and students who seem to be texting, you know it’s time to switch to Plan B.

Using Student Analytics for Online Course Improvement offers distance learning instructors a similar set of practices they can use to improve online pedagogy.

The key is understanding how to make the most of all the information gathered by your institution’s learning management systems, and it doesn’t require a background in the subject to put together a helpful interpretation of the data.


If your college or university has a distance learning program, Using Student Analytics for Online Course Improvement can help you improve it.

Individuals working with online learning in a variety of capacities will find this presentation useful, particularly those in the following positions:

  • Managers, directors, or deans of online education or distance learning
  • Instructional designers
  • Educational technologists
  • Faculty members teaching online courses
  • Adjunct instructors involved with distance learning


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Find out how you can use course analytics to improve online learning in Using Student Analytics for Online Course Improvement.

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