Using Universal Design to Support All Online Students

Using Universal Design to Support All Online Students

Performance-Boosting Course Design Techniques

Creating alternative ways of representing information, broadening learner engagement opportunities, and expanding the ways learners with disabilities can express their learning can be of great benefit to all your online students.

This Magna Online Seminar shows how you can design and implement Universal Design for Learning/Instruction (UDL/I) methods to deliver a better learning experience, greater academic success, and, ultimately, improved student retention.


Your presenter provides a road map to help you integrate UDL/I principles into both new and existing courses.

He explains how to get started, how to create alternative-media versions of course content, where to find free or low-cost tools to increase online engagement, and how to develop multiple options for students to express what they’ve learned.

Learn practical, easy-to-implement ideas you can put to work right away in your online classroom, enriching the learning experience for all your students.

UDL/I can help you improve learning outcomes and promote student retention. That’s good for your students, good for your distance ed program, and good for your institution.

Learning Goals

You’ll come away from the presentation with the knowledge you need to:

  • Incorporate UDL/I elements into your existing courses
  • Design new courses using UDL/I principles
  • Employ UDL/I elements far beyond the legally required minimum

The ideas and techniques introduced in Using Universal Design to Support All Online Students will have an immediate and significant impact on student learning and engagement, and in the long term can lead to measurable improvements in your institution’s retention rate for online students.

Topics Covered

Using Universal Design to Support All Online Students will broaden your perspective on the application and benefits of Universal Design for Learning/Instruction (UDL/I). You’ll see how UDL/I principles originally created to help learners with disabilities can benefit all your online students by facilitating the learning process, promoting better engagement, and helping students stay on a path to success.

This one-hour seminar shares a framework for using UDL/I methods to build greater flexibility into your students’ learning experience.

Learn how to promote student success by providing alternative-media versions of course content, greater opportunities for engagement, and multiple options for students to express what they’ve learned.

Your presenter outlines a step-by-step process for building UDL/I into both new and existing courses and explains the best starting point for integrating UDL/I principles as well as how to:

  • Create or find alternate ways to deliver course content—video, audio, text, captioning, and more
  • Broaden opportunities for students to demonstrate course objectives
  • Break complex learning tasks into separate components
  • Use free or low-cost tools to expand and document interactive learning


Creating a learning environment that is engaging and effective is a challenge faced by all online instructors. And improving retention rates is a challenge for all distance education programs.

For those reasons, we recommend Using Universal Design to Support All Online Students for everyone involved in creating, conducting, or administering online courses. The seminar is appropriate for educators at any institution—two-year or four-year, public or private.

Those who will benefit most from the presentation include:

  • Online faculty
  • Instructional designers
  • Teaching/learning center directors and staff
  • Administrators of distance education programs


If you’re looking to make course content more accessible, promote increased engagement and collaboration, and/or provide your students with new avenues to express their learning, you’ll find this seminar a rich source of information and inspiration. Order today!

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