What Steps Can I Take to Foster a Collegial Department?

What Steps Can I Take to Foster a Collegial Department?


What is collegiality in higher education today? A nice idea? A frill?

It’s more like the glue that holds colleges and universities together. Academics don’t always have to agree, but when they disagree, they need to do so productively.

Unfortunately, that’s frequently not the case. Incivility and toxic relationships within departments are so common in higher education that they’re the number one reason department chairs leave their positions. Conference sessions on handling conflict and personnel issues are routinely standing room only.

But you can grab a front-row seat to a fast and focused presentation on this hot-button topic with What Steps Can I Take to Foster a Collegial Department?, a Magna 20-Minute Mentor.

Learning Goals

In less time than it might take you to wind down from a nasty hallway encounter (just 20 minutes), the expert presenters will show you a proactive approach to promoting civil, professional behavior.

After participating in this program, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify what collegiality is and is not
  • Construct specific procedures to create a genuinely collegial working environment
  • Recognize the wide range and significant impact of problems cause by the absence of collegiality

Topics Covered

Uncollegial behavior can suck the life out of a department, turning off students and prompting staff and faculty to disengage or leave altogether.

Hoping things will get better is not a strategy for dealing with toxic behavior from faculty members. Neither is waiting for a trouble-making individual to retire.

However, What Steps Can I Take to Foster a Collegial Department? will show you a field-tested three-step procedure to help you facilitate positive interactions, covering:

  • Making it public
  • Training your own experts
  • Developing performance plans

You’ll learn:

  • The most appropriate forums for discussing collegiality
  • The characteristics of effective advocates for collegiality
  • What individuals who are misbehaving need to know about the legal issues related to the lack of collegiality
  • The role mentors can play in changing inappropriate behavior


This program gives you information you need, in a format that suits your schedule.

A mini case study reviewed during the presentation will help you see recommended policies in action.

Sample documents and a list of dos and don’ts will help you implement what you learn.


The word “collegiality” can be a noun, adjective, or even a code word signifying potential action against someone who doesn’t quite “fit in.”

But if your goal is to make collegiality a reality in your department or campus, then What Steps Can I Take to Foster a Collegial Department? is for you.

The program is perfect for academic administrators and faculty alike, because everyone benefits when civility reigns on campus, and everyone suffers when it doesn’t.

Because it’s never easy to deal with uncivil and nasty behavior—no matter where you are in your career— this presentation is helpful for veteran educators and administrators as well as for those who are just starting out.


Don’t let toxic or troubled faculty and staff stand in the way of scholarship and learning. Purchase this program today and find out how you can promote positive relationships, respectful encounters, and the free flow of ideas!

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