Copyright Questions 3-pack

Copyright Questions 3-pack

Comply with Copyright Laws: Learn your Legal Limits

When it comes to copyright issues, what you donít know can hurt you.

Running afoul of federal law or your institutionís policies can wreak havoc on your reputation, and even your finances.

If you design or teaching courses, you need to know how copyright law affects your work Ė as well as how to stay on the right side of that law.

Learn what you need to know with the Copyright Questions 3-pack, a series of Magna 20-Minute Mentor.

In the Copyright Questions 3-pack, you will explore solutions to the following key questions:

Learning Goals

Each 20-minute presentation delivers insightful information you can implement immediately.

After you view the presentations, youíll be able to:

  • Differentiate between what you do and do not own
  • Manage the necessary steps to preserve your copyright ownership
  • Distinguish between the practices of linking, embedding, and streaming
  • Apply copyright rules and regulations for legal linking and embedding
  • Explain how the TEACH Act and fair use affect streaming
  • Analyze the legal issues related to common types of course materials
  • Evaluate and implement appropriate use and delivery of course materials
  • Identify copyright compliance as an essential element in course planning

Once you understand how to approach the issues involved, youíll be prepared to make better decisions about your publishing and research opportunities.

Learn how to do whatís right for you, your career, and your academic standing with the Copyright Questions 3-pack.

Topics Covered

You donít have to be a practicing attorney or a copyright expert to be an effective educator, but you do need to know your legal limits.

Like many problems, copyright issues are best dealt with as early as possible. These three programs will show you how to address these potential problems right away.

Youíll learn:

  • The important differences between free access and public domain
  • The answer to the most common question about copyright in online classes
  • What joint owners can and canít do independently
  • The four situations when streaming is clearly lawful
  • The first place to look for guidance on copyright issues
  • Best practices for citing material in the public domain

With a concise and clear approach, the presenter explores principal issues with copyright in the academic world and walks you through key decision points.

She uses examples throughout her presentations to help you see key principles in action and understand current copyright laws.


Rich with detail, updates from cutting edge legal cases, and supplemental materials, these three 20-Minute Mentor programs could transform the way you plan your courses Ė and keep you and your institution out of legal difficulties.

Purchase the Copyright Questions 3-pack today and learn more about what you need to know to follow the rules Ė and be an effective and well-prepared instructor!

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